As we all know, autumn has come and soon winter is the period of sickness. Coughs, sore throats and colds are upon us, so how do we cure ourselves?

                         I do not always resort to medicine but I try to resort to natural remedies when possible! Such as Natural Medicine!

The foundations of natural medicine, and of the schools that compose it, derive from ancient traditions according to which the human organism is conceived as a psycho-physical-energetic totality, between earth and sky, immersed in the cosmos and in the nature from which it benefits. Natural medicine or better, natural medicines rely on natural active ingredients, such as herbs and minerals, to which they associate energetic therapies, such as, for example, acupuncture, pranotherapy and ReiKi.  It is essential to understand that a treatment with natural medicine is not aimed at suppressing symptoms, but at restoring the energy flow that flows within us, eliminating deficiencies or congestions and creating the conditions for a complete and completely natural healing. Natural medicine is different from the official, or allopathic, because the first is not limited to identify the disease and mechanically seek remedies, but considers the whole human being, his history, his emotions, his thoughts and the his habits. This is why natural medicine often accompanies the adjective “holistic”, which stands for “global”


Benefits and contraindications

The therapeutic properties of many plants, used by natural medicine, are traditionally known to men who, since the dawn of civilization, having no other “therapeutic” remedy available, have used them on the basis of observations, experiences and coincidences as “herbs” curative “and as such have been handed down to us. The Department of Pharmacy (Higher Institute of Health) states that the natural remedy must be treated with due caution to obtain a benefit without incurring adverse reactions.

The possible contraindications that are highlighted in this case are: intoxication from abuse, from incorrect prescriptions, from polluted and / or contaminated products; adverse reactions between natural products and conventional therapies; incorrect automations; allergies and intolerances. With due caution, natural medicine, in principle, is suitable for everyone, but it is always good to be fully informed in order to enjoy exclusively the benefits of natural remedies.


For those who use natural medicine

According to natural medicine, more and more frequently disorders and dysfunctions are linked to incorrect habits, whether these foods or lifestyle, which accumulate toxins inside the body (even toxins are natural, as organic poisons). A proper diet, more rest, sport, an outdoor walk, are able to allow valid results, without expensive treatments or recourse to specialists. Naturopathy, or naturopathic medicine, represents a path on a natural path, through which to maintain or achieve the overall health of the organism, according to a holistic vision for which the individual is considered in its complexity and uniqueness.

Naturopathic medicine does not consist of a single technique, but uses notions and methods of Chinese medicine, Bach flowers, Ayurvedic medicine, Shiatsu, crystal therapy, iridology, color therapy, aromatherapy and more. Therefore, natural medicine is aimed at those who are interested in a different approach to both the disease and the person, taking the necessary distances from traditional drug-based treatments.

Curiosities on natural medicine


The traces of a natural approach in time call into characters such as Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Hildegard of Bingen. Hippocrates of Coo was the originator of the concept that the illness and the state of health of a subject depend on peculiar conditions and not on divine interventions. Galen, an ancient Greek physician, considered the presence of ethics, logic and physics necessary, in the figure of the physician. The knowledge of physics required that every knowledge in itself should be connected by the doctor to other areas, such as the cosmos and the earth, then nature. Father of naturopathy is considered Benedict Lust, founder of the first school in New York. Essential contributions to naturopathy are certainly those provided by Vincent Preissnitz and Sebastian Kneipp.

Well guys after this brief curiosity I would just like to say that as long as you can resort to natural medicine; I in first person that I am a pharmaceutical chemist I should not even say it but trust me .. if you can avoid using simple natural remedies!

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  1. Ilia

    I fully agree with what you wrote in the article! For centuries, people have resorted to natural remedies and natural medicine! Nature gives us many opportunities to strengthen our body! Thanks @Warface!

  2. miti

    Molto interessante! Sebbene si parli di medicina naturale non bisogna abusarne perché come hai detto bene anche tu nell’articolo, ci sono alcune controindicazioni.. anche se in misura nettamente inferiore alle medicine tradizionali.

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