On Friday, the NEM Foundation signed a cooperation agreement with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Social Development (MOCD). Under the agreement, NEM will provide consultancy services for the United Arab Emirates government.

NEM to work in coordination with United Arab Emirates government

Moreover, this cooperation will enable both parties to exchange information and make the latest updates of Blockchain technology together.

The agreement was signed during the GITEX Technology Week 2018, a recent Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), held from 14 to 18 October in Dubai.

NEM Southeast Regional Director and NEM Foundation Council Member made statements on the subject:

NEM will continue to support the Dubai government with the vision of becoming a fully digital government by 2021 and to support the goal of becoming the first Blockchain-based city in the world by 2020.

UAE will be fully digital up to 2021

This latest cooperation is a step in line with the UAE government’s strategy to improve the country’s standard of living through sustainable development. The agreement is also part of the government’s plan to become fully digital by 2021.

In April, the UAE government introduced the işlem Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021 taş to use Blockchain technology to move 50% of its transactions to a Blockchain platform by 2021.

The MOCD undersecretary, Sana Mohamed Suhail, stressed the ministry’s goal of supporting social work to ın promote integrated policies and ensure integrated and innovative social work M.

With Blockchain technology, MOCD will actively communicate with people.

The UAE is positioning itself as an increasingly bigger player in the field of Blockchain and crypto. According to the latest news in the press, the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) wants to introduce the first money offers (ICOs) to provide more ways for companies to save money.

ESCA reportedly wants to integrate foreign consultants with ICOs and integrate the Abu Dhabi and Dubai exchanges into the ICO process to create a trading platform.

Moreover, the authorities are working on the delivery of a Blockchain supported payment system. According to local media, this platform will focus on integrating public institutions, such as the Dubai Police, the Road Transport and Transport Department (RTA), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), into the new technology.

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