If you are not aware Brave has been made by Brendan Eich. This name may not tell you anything but you surely heard of used his products consciously or unconsciously. He is the creator of JavaScript, Mozilla co-founder, and co-founder/CEO of Brave Software.

Brave is a new browser which uses a cryptocurrency called BAT – Basic Attention Token.

It used to be using an engine of Mozilla but right now they went for a base upgrade and use Chromium.

The Muon-based Brave browser is no longer available for download on our site, but users who currently browse with it (latest version is 0.25.2) will continue to receive necessary updates until they are fully upgraded to this new release in the near future. They can also choose to download the new version today.

Along with today’s release, we are sharing internal performance tests and metrics highlighting significant performance advantages with this new Chromium-based browser, beyond what is achieved by simply blocking unwanted content. On average, it has a 22% faster load time than the Brave Muon version, making this release our fastest browser ever. These gains can represent savings of 8 to 12 seconds on certain sites.

If you are the previous user of Brave you have to re-download a new version is not upgrade to old one. Here is how to do that and get some initial tokens.


When installing accept to use BAT tokens and get few free ones.

You won’t be able to withdrawal those but use ie browsing my personal blog on https://fuk.io or other popular sites and social media.

Try Brave, its better than Chrome and/or Mozilla.

BAT tokens you can buy at loads of exchanges, a lot of top ones trade it so you will not have an issue finding this coin. I personally think its really undervalued.

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