Friends, Hello! Since writing my article about project MORE.ONE has been more than two months . During this time there have been changes and today I want to tell you about it. For those who do not know about this project I will say – do not waste your time and join! MORE.One APP from MEET.ONE. This is a “box of chocolates” where you will receive AIRDROP every day from projects on the EOS blockchain and this is even if you do not have an account yet. And for those who already have an EOS account, it remains only to install a wallet from the MEET project on their gadget.ONE and you will be able to participate in AirGrab.

So what has changed during this time?!

The first good news – open withdrawal of coins from MORE.ONE into your EOS account! To transfer tokens to an EOS account, your account must have at least one coin MORE! There is only one way to get coins – each of your referrals brings you 1 coin (10,000,000 coins will be issued in total). 


So same those who enjoys “candy box”, but so and not created or not pegged to purse the account EOS I’d say – guys hurry up number of coins in AirGrab limited! What you get? 


1. WIZARDS -5 coins

2. ATD-66.666 coins

3. LUCK-88,888 coins

4. BT-5 coins

5. WIZZ – No limit! (for each click on the chest with candy you pay 1 coin MORE. The main thing is not to get carried away and remember to leave at least one coin. Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw coins from your wallet!)

So same now MORE.ONE integrated Dapp Store. Those who are tied to MOORE.ONE account EOS have the opportunity to play in EOS Beta-2 and MORE club

Also there was a news Express! But it’s only in Chinese!

And the last interesting novelty – EOS Cun Cun Bao. With Cun cun Bao you can put tokens from MORE.ONE on Deposit. The conditions are simple, I will not tell you separately, see the screenshot.

Program installation MORE.ONE

Program installation MEET.ONE

all images in the article are a compilation of screenshots of the official application MORE.ONE

I wish you all a good mood! Good luck, love and patience!

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  1. James Diegel

    Nice write up 😉 If only I would have known about CUN CUN BAO before I moved the airdrops off the app into my private wallet… as there seems no way to get them back to be able to use it most efficiently …

    1. James Diegel

      Also, for the luck tokens I had wanted to collect the daily dividends from the EOS WIN platform – but for some reason they do not register when I enter the platform through scatter … has anyone else had this issue or found a work around… for some reason they seem locked – any help on this would be appreciated from anyone in the know 😉

    2. Ilia Post author

      Thanks for your comment James! I also transferred most of the coins to the account and did not pay attention to the possibility of receiving dividends… But then a friend came to me, to whom I installed the application on the phone…. asked to understand what application is built into MORE.ONE..!

    1. Ilia Post author

      Thanks for your comment @Conceptskip! MORE.ONE is not the project where you can earn a lot of money, although it is always nice to get free coins! Here you can find projects that are now active in the market to learn the news and all the information is always with you in your mobile phone!

      1. Atti

        It is not possible, because of there is a problem with sms sending between their sms provider and my country. I can not get sms after my registration, therefore I could not finish that.They promised their develop team will solve it, but unfortunately two month have gone and nothing happened.