I read about new discoveries in ancient Egypt and when I hear about it, I do nothing but immerse myself in reading because for me tm remain the most fascinating! Dozens of cat mummies have been found and some of the scarabs have come to light in seven Egyptian tombs of Pharaonic age found on the edge of the pyramidal complex of the pharaoh Userkaf in Saqqara, not far from Cairo. The vast cemetery complex served the city of Memphis, capital of the Old Kingdom for 2000 years.


Some of the burials found in an archaeological mission that began last April date back over 4000 years; three of them are sure of the content, and they were used to ingest the mummies of cats along with dozens of wooden statuettes depicting animals. One of the four remaining, dating back to the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom was found with the door and the façade still intact, a sign that its contents may have remained inaccessible for millennia. Archaeologists should examine it in the coming weeks.

SACRED ANIMALS. Cat mummies (“full” or sometimes empty) are a recurrent finding for those working on such excavations: genetic studies have confirmed that cats played a leading role in Ancient Egypt, where they conquered a place as faithful companions of man and were not just “workers” in defense of crops. Moreover, for this civilization the cat embodied the goddess Bastet, protector of the house, women and births.

What has left the archaeologists stunned has been to find, in the area, the first examples of scarab mummies, a very rare discovery, if not an unpublished discovery: two of the mummified insects were in a stone sarcophagus with a white domed lid, decorated with depictions of scarab in black. Another collection of mummified scarabs was found in a smaller sarcophagus (in ancient Egypt, the scarab was a symbol of eternal rebirth).

SCULPTURES. On the same site in Saqqara a hundred wooden statuettes have come to light, some of them golden, and in particular, among the most beautiful, the small effigies of a cow, a lion and a falcon. In the necropolis archaeologists have finally found other objects such as amulets, writing instruments, baskets for papyri and canopic jars.

I think it will be years and years and Egypt will continue to surprise us …

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