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Let’s get one thing straight up-front. The purpose of this column isn’t to promote any particular ideology. As an unaffiliated esoteric, I take great pride in the fact that I’ve drawn my outlook on life and especially the spiritual side of life from all of the great traditions that I’ve had the opportunity to study over the past 42 years.

So Why Yoga Then?

Well that’s simple. It’s the one tradition that I have the deepest exposure to, and respect for because I feel that yoga philosophy provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of spirituality, and it is entirely compatible with concurrent practice of any other tradition and/or religion.

That’s right, yoga isn’t about being “all in.” There are practicing Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Siks, and atheists who actively study and practice yoga as a means of growing within their spiritual and secular lives.

But Isn’t Yoga Itself a Spiritual Practice?

The simple answer is ‘not unless you want it to be.’

What I mean by this is that yes, there are plenty of rituals and absolutely spiritual practices one can undertake in their exploration of yoga, but those rituals and practices are not the goal of yoga practice. They are simply documented self exploration exercises undertaken by the codifiers of yogic philosophy thousands of years ago.

It is my position that one can chose to live a completely secular life and still utilize yogic teachings, philosophies, and practices as means of evolving into whatever they would like to become.

That’s what I wish to share with you all here. In the coming weeks I will undertake the study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, and do my best to provide commentary that is applicable and practical to anyone’s day to day life.

We’re not going to get into ritual and we’re not going to talk about religion or God(s).

We’re going to explore the true purpose for which yoga was intended, and that is connection.

Yoga is more widely translated to mean ‘to yolk’ or ‘union,’ but I much prefer a more modern translation which means ‘to connect.’

So What are We Connecting?

Well, the simple answer is actually quite complicated. We are going to explore connecting everything in ourselves to everything else—both inside of us and outside of us. And I couldn’t think of a better space to host this discussion than right here on the blockchain, a physical manifestation of connection and interconnection at it’s finest.

So What Qualifies Me to Talk About the Sutras?

That’s simple. Nothing.

I’m completely unqualified to speak from a position of authority on such a vast and esoteric body of work, so I simply will not be speaking from an authoritative position whatsoever.

This column will be a personal diary of sorts of a regular person trying their best to understand the wisdom offered in this respected text sharing their personal opinion of how this thousands of years old wisdom can enrich our present day lives. I’ll likely be wrong at times, so feel free to call me on it—I’d love the opportunity to learn from your perspective!

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to devote the time and attention needed to this pursuit, and I’m using my newfound inspiration to bring valuable content to Trybe as a catalyst to motivate myself to finally do it!

I’ve already begun writing the first installment of this column, and hope to have it published within a week or so. From there the goal would be to take a Sutra or three (some of them connect in a way that’s better explored together) a week until we are at least through the first Pada (book), and then I’ll assess if this exercise is sustainable and/or appreciated.

I hope you subscribe to follow along, and that you will engage each post as needed!

Really looking forward to sharing my perspectives on how we can use yogic philosophy to enrich and expand our lives and the world around us!

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    1. Matt Douzart Post author

      Absolutely! While it is a spiritual practice for sure (union with body/breath/mind -> Universal Consciousness, there is no need to turn it into a religious activity whatsoever! Thank you for your thoughts!