As many of you know, we’ve been working very hard in the background on getting our new wallet and pre-sale pages ready!

Well, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here! Today we are going to launch version 1.0 of our new wallet!

The wallet can be found here:

Please make sure to clear your cache if it’s not displaying correctly 

There are still a couple of features missing, but don’t worry! These will be added in the next few weeks.

The important things for now, though, are:

  • You can see your liquid TRYBE and your pre-sale TRYBE in the one place
  • There is now a countdown on the pre-sale – and it will be ending in just over 2 months!
  • You can see the top 10 pre-sale contributors and how much reward they will get at the end of the month (in just one day!)
  • You can now earn referral bonuses from the pre-sale! Just recommend a friend and if they spend over 50 EOS then you will both get rewarded 5% of what they spend!
  • You can see the top 20 All Time pre-sale contributors – who will share in a huge bonus at the end of the pre-sale!
  • You can now stake your TRYBE (For all the airdrops after the 11th of December you will need to stake your liquid TRYBE to have that amount count towards your airdrop allocation)

And coming up in the next few weeks we can expect to see:

  • Our portfolio which will show all your EOS tokens in one place, including their values (in either a pie chart or graph)
  • The ability to do off-chain to on-chain transfers from our site to your EOS wallet
  • The airdrop page – which will show your airdrop allocation as well as the winners of the airdrop bonuses. This page will also allow you to claim your airdrop tokens when they’re ready
  • The ability to send EOS tokens and manage your account resources
  • Plus a few other great features!

Important dates to remember:

November 30th 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time)

  • We will be giving away the pre-sale bonuses to the top 10 contributors for the month
  • We will be giving away 1 million tokens to people who hold an on-site balance of at least 500 tokens, and have connected their profile to their EOS account using Scatter

December 11th 23:59 CST (Central Standard Time)

  • Tokens will be ready for claiming from our airdrop – although we will be doing the snapshot in the 24 hours prior to this time.


Thanks again for supporting Trybe and being part of this great community!!


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  1. CryptosDecrypted

    Wallet looks good. Will off chain transfers be enabled prior to Dec 11th – if not any precise eta? I ask because as it is they are only ‘representations’ of a holding not the holding itself – it’s a private key thing – a crypto enthusiast pre-condition. If you folks are concerned about a release dump – that will happen regardless – the earlier it is washed out the better for Trybe. Personally, I will stake my Trybe – a vote of support if you will but it is important to recognize the need to hand control of the Trybe tokens to those who have earned them. Cheers.

    1. Tom Norwood | Trybe Post author

      Thanks for this CryptosDecrypted. We are indeed working on that feature as we speak… The reason it hasn’t been released yet is a security issue. We obviously need to make sure this thing is 100% watertight before we allow it, as otherwise the results could be catastrophic! I can’t promise it’ll be done by the 11th of December but it will definitely be done by the end of December. However, that being said, you will be able to see your onsite balance in our wallet before then (probably within the next week) and your onsite tokens will be counted towards your airdrop as well. We realise this is a big issue for people – but hopefully you’ll understand that the security threat is so huge (and would impact all token holders if anything happened) that we simply cannot take any risks 🙂

      1. CryptosDecrypted

        Thanks for the reply and explanation, Tom. I can understand the need for security and thorough testing before implementing this feature. Anyway, good work all round to date. I truly have high hopes /expectations for the platform in the years to come. Cheers