Newdex is a decentralized exchange which trades all of the EOS tokens that have been airdropped so far. It sits on EOS and so is accessed by using Scatter. It launched on August 8th.

You don’t have to move your tokens to the exchange but trade directly from within your browser. Unlike the 0x based DEXes using Ethereum there is no wrapping required so this is a major advantage. This also means that you don’t have to register with the site and there is NO KYC – Whoohoo! Fees are 0.1% which is getting to be standard on the centralized exchanges and cheaper than the 0.2% that is charged on most decentralized ones.

I set the trading screen to night mode as it is easier on the eyes. It looks a lot like the web version of Binance in the basic mode. I prefer exchanges  to have a column that lists all the trading pairs so that you can see all the markets moving and switch pairs when necessary. This UI has that although it is not so important at the moment as trading is very light.

The English on the site is very raw and the help section is pretty limited so if there is a problem I wouldn’t expect much. There is no indication of either who they are or where they are based on the site but the language options are only Chinese and English so it is almost certainly China.

Despite the low volumes the spread between the buy and sell of many coins is very small so it is well worth trying out the exchange if you want to either increase your airdrop holdings or sell them off. With everything so cheap I might as well do a bit of buying 😛

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  1. EOSmastering

    Wow..EOS is really starting to become great isn’t it. I love that these exchanges are popping up. This looks good. I’ll write it down and check it out. I don’t want to trade or do anything on these centralized exchanges anymore. They want all my info, and I have no rights. They even try to FORCE me to use 2FA to get my own funds out. I don’t like that (ahem..Binance)

    1. SugarFix Post author

      It’s the first time I used one so it is once bitten twice shy. Even in bold I still think people will miss them. I think I might have to use the word “here” a lot. As in “You can find the site here” with “here” being the hyperlink.

    1. SugarFix Post author

      Go on EOS tracker and do a search on your account. It should show all the transactions and whether you got tokens or not. If you didn’t it might be time to contact a BP and tell them what happened.

      You could also go on the Genereos toolkit connect up scatter – as soon as you do that it should show your eos balance and in tiny letters how much of each token you have.

      Where is instant chat when you need it? Are you on Discord?

    1. SugarFix Post author

      Haha – and I don’t have Facebook. I only suggested discord as you can actually talk or instant message. Quicker than waiting for posts to pop up on Trybe.

      Wouldn’t be much of an exchange if you couldn’t instantly trade the tokens you bought though.

    2. SugarFix Post author

      If you go to the Newdex site now you see this popup

      * Because of the large network latency on EOS main chain, Newdex has decided to temporarily suspend part service. Including placing orders, withdrawing, matching orders, in order to secure your assets. We will reopen the service in time after the recovery of the network on EOS main chain. During the suspension of the service, the assets in the orders that hasn’t been matched completely will be safe. Please don’t worry. Sorry for all the inconvenience. 2018.08.12

    1. SugarFix Post author

      I did quite a bit of research on this. They do hold enough EOS, far more than is required now but there was latency across the whole of mainnet earlier today (yesterday for you). You can see that if you look at Newdex’s main EOS account, [newdexpocket](, on EOSFlare that they are currently using only 104kb out of a total of 32mb (50EOS).

      Newdex’s other accounts appear to be newdexiofees and ceonumberone (all pretty neat names 12 letter names in my opinion). I’ve ploughed through quite a few of the other names but haven’t found any more so far. I have found a whole new world of EOS by delving into some of the names and their transactions. The Chinese EOS-sphere has a lot of things I have never heard of and are quite interesting bit of a researchers dream actually. I hope to write a few posts on them if I have time.

      Anyway most of that is an aside – back to your problem. I”m guessing that your trade is xxxxx5332 and your EOS account name is ha4txxxxxxx as it was the only one in the timeframe for 1 EOS you suggested. The transfer of 114 Black completed 7 hours after you put the order in. It looks like another trade of 0.5 EOS for Black was made a few minutes ago but that hasn’t completed yet.

      Anyhow check Greymass or log onto Newdex with Scatter again, if you haven’t already.

  2. Cryptoslice

    wow your good yes that is me and it did go though. i put market because normally its fine i though i would get around 700 but i guess with low liquidity there was no one selling at that price :S oh well. thanks for putting in all the effort tho. you should be a privet investigator haha

  3. SugarFix Post author

    Yes 2FA to get your funds out is a pain but it does stop someone else doing it if they steal your password. I haven’t set up 2FA on my Binance account yet. will be using Authy instead of Google though. Trust Google as far as I could throw them. Decentralised exchanges are the way forward but they don’t have the liquidity yet. I was Chatting with Scott from DDex and he was saying that all the decentralized exchanges are planning on sharing liquidity which will be a great help. I’ll still be using Binance as my main exhange for a little while yet. Just wish they had decent tools on the Download version 😛