There is another big first dividend payout coming up again! Almost like the recent big first dividend payout at FunCity – this time at EOSLuckyMe. First payout is projected to be around 0.36 EOS per 10,000 ROLL. The current price for 10,000 ROLL is only 0.5990 right now on NEWDEX!

The payout will be happening during the 22nd of November regarding to the latest info published in their telegram group. I couldn’t find any specific time in there until the tokens have to be staked. But I guess it makes sense as soon as possible concerning the following information I found in the telegram group: “There will be staking rewards after the first dividend payout according to the time and amount you staked”. So that will benefit people more who have staked more and earlier. They also answered to one question positively that there will also be some new games be implemented in the future.

Before investing any EOS into that you should make up your mind on some different details regarding this

Getting the payout (claim it when it happens – or try as soon as possible)

Maybe unstake coins after claiming the “big” payout

– Upcoming potential losses of your investment, because of the time you loose for unstaking and then sell on exchange (if u plan to…)

My feeling towards this first coming payout is good but not as good like it was on FunCity. FunCity has a really active Telegram group where hey answer questions pretty fast – and allways friendly. On the EOSLuckyMe telegram group it’s rather other people answering what an admin told before. But I’m still positive about their project, maybe they just want to focus more on development and are probably pretty busy right now. So let’s just see how this will work out.

If you didn’t hear from that so far and are interested you can buy ROLL on NEWDEX or play on EOSLuckyMe to mine ROLL for by betting in EOS.

Good luck on your investments and happy gambling!


Please never bet more than you can afford! This is all not financial advice, but my opinion. You should also never ever listen to what somebody says blindly and do what they tell you – this concerns investing in crpyto currencies, any investments in general and your life – YOU make your own decisions!

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