If you follow my blog at least partially, you will have accompanied my excursion into the new social networks. It’s been over a year since I first came across Steem and finally Steemit. Before you understand what the background of this new network is, the slogan “Your voice is worth something” attracts you. – Earn Steem by interacting/posting on the blockchain. Obviously this has attracted some, because meanwhile the platform has over a million users

But not only Steem advertises to reward users for their intellectual work, other platforms also follow suit. So my digression began and I first discovered Minds.com with your Mind Token. Followed by Sola.io [SOL], Belacam, ONO, SocialX, Narrative.Network and last but not least Trybe.One. (No claim to completeness)

Excuse me? That’s exactly what I thought.

When I realized how many platforms were emerging, which were more or less based on the USP of direct user rewards, I was very surprised. As described in my first article from Next Generation Networks, I really overslept a lot of them. The crucial difference between the networks I joined after Steemit – none of them run on their own blockchain. Minds and Sola for example use the Ethereum blockchain, so they are an ERC-20 token, while ONO and Trybe.One are based on EOS.IO. The Narrative.Network is based on the NEO blockchain – so the NRVE Token is a NEP-5 Token. Only Steem runs on its own blockchain, which offers a completely different possibility with regard to an emerging ecosystem. Especially with regard to the announced SMT’s the dimensional difference of these different networks becomes clear – Steem or the Steem blockchain is a thing in itself. Like all innovations, they are burdened by problems, which however contribute to further development.

Regarding the state of development, I am still of the opinion that we are in the phase of early adopters, although the market has already attracted some attention and Steem was not exempt from it. If you would like to read more about this, you can take a look at an older market forecast by comparing the adoption of innovative technologies

Today there’s a short feedback

Now that I’m on the move on other social networks besides Steem, all of which have something to do with a crypto token, I’d like to let my thoughts run wild about these new impressions. Steem will be standing in line because I’ve written a lot about it in the past

Let’s start at Minds.com

At first I was surprised by all the spam that is present on Minds.com. The problem is clearly where to make money, where people try to exploit systems or even cheat. Among many white-hats, there are also many black-hats. This problem is of course tradable, but all these processes take time. In this time, as also happened on Steemit, abusive activities will not be completely preventable. Some users will fill their own pockets at the expense of others until possibilities of prevention are worked out and implemented.

Nevertheless, this first, admittedly quite negative, impression has subsided a little. In general I get a lot of interaction, which is generated organically. The comments on different contributions are partly very interesting and informative. Thus I encountered a very nice discussion culture, at least partially. My impression is that also very many (again in my opinion) wrong views on Minds are publicly advertised. Sometimes you have the feeling that everything that nobody else wants is now romping about on this platform. You find at least countless channels which are regularly banned from other, established platforms. I won’t mention any names, but you can just have a look at the top channels on the platform. In general Minds is a bit shallower knitted. In my opinion Steemit is more like Reddit, while Minds is more like Facebook. If you feel differently about this assessment, please let me know in the comments.

Even if you’ve been on the platform before – what’s your impression?

Sola.ai – Something Back & Forward

I came across Sola because I was just looking for new social networks that distribute cryptotokens to users. When I was on the road on Sola for a few days I understood pretty much everything except how I was supposed to get those damn SOL tokens now. Then I was enlightened, not at all anymore. Sola stopped the action relatively fast again and registered a rapid loss of active users, but the spam problem was probably too big. So the statements of some very active users, who were there since the beginning.

But as it looks, the user loss was too serious, because when I wiped the days again on Sola through the cards, I suddenly discovered the mention of payouts. Now it is possible again to “earn” SOL tokens.

I don’t find Sola bad in itself, but it’s not really easy to use on a laptop. With the app it looks different, but I’m just a friend of big screens and it doesn’t fit together so well. In terms of content, there are quite different things. Spam is currently on the increase again, to all appearances. Since the SOL tokens are back, there is at least 10 times more content than when I joined. Nevertheless, I believe that some of you can find fun in Sola. Maybe I’ll post some nonsense on the platform from time to time. Somehow it reminds me a bit of the good old Chilloutzone. In the end these are two completely different platforms, so I don’t really know why I feel that way.

Anyway, my favorite is Sola.ai not ,but I will follow the action and stop by from time to time.

Here you can collect your own impressions concerning Sola.ai

Long wait at SocialX

So, yes… I can’t really say much about SocialX other than that they are already trolling me a bit. At registration I was position 120,000 on the waiting list. After some weeks then somehow no longer at all on the waiting list and finally again on position 112,000. So… Maybe I try again in a few months, but first SocialX is probably not excursive.

You also want to wait really long? One click and the fun begins

ONO – Only APP

Yes, the good platform ONO runs unfortunately (perhaps only initially) only with the in-house app. There is no comfortable possibility to use ONO with a laptop. Because of the preferences described above and the strong tendencies towards Instagram, I won’t deal with ONO for now.

Maybe you’d better get along with this Only App variant.

Even Belacam is a deterrent

The first time on Belacam was then also the last time. Also here everything is clearly too much instagram for me – I simply can’t do anything with these picture platforms.

Narrative – More alpha doesn’t work

The only NEP-5 project – but Alpha through and through. So far it is not necessary to write posts or to act in any way in a social network. So far only niches, similar to tags on steemite, can be bought. This should probably prevent the avoidance of spam in terms of categorization. But I still don’t understand the concept very well. Again, I’ve decided to wait and see how things develop.

Here you can also test narratives

One last candidate: Trybe

Currently I registered after @kingcrown’s contribution on Trybe. I will write something about this later. The first impression is not wrong in any case, but it is obvious that the post creation needs tokens. You get 100 Trybe tokens at the beginning to be able to act in the network. I will find out more soon.

If you want to explore Trybe at the same time as me, here is the beginning


In a nutshell: Many things are, as described, absolutely alpha version. Bugs and problems are clearly present. In the near future I will probably only use Minds.com and Steemit.com actively, maybe Sola.ai a few times. It is still outstanding whether Trybe can convince – more will follow later.

This was it with my short intermediate feedback. Below I list all the above candidates again, if you would like to make your experiences. I would be happy if you register via my Ref-Link.








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  1. Indigo Ocean

    Great roundup. A few of these I’d never heard of. I was on Minds for a while, but my impression of the homepage feed was the same as yours. Not my cup of tea, and really a little whacko, IMHO. I did like that they have groups already though. I just haven’t been able to get myself to use it because I don’t like the core members of the “tribe” enough.

    NRVE I also had the impression is just in the “buy a topic” stage, so only worth watching right now.

    I am in beta test for APPICS, though not a very active tester. I don’t think that platform is going to be for me. It is sort of the prototype STEEM SMT, and will be sort of instagram only with channel managers like NRVE.

    I just joined Trybe very recently but am already pleased with how tokens are given out (much easier to earn than on Steemit!) and in general how much easier everything is here. I haven’t used chat feature yet, but nice that it is integrated should I need to. It will be a great advancement once there are groups in both places. I like the quality of information being shared here. This is a much more substantial conversation environment. It’s just a matter of my finding the time to be involved in multiple such sites. We shall see.

    Lastly, I joined Whaleshare the same day as Trybe, but it took me an extra day to get approved. It is a fork of STEEM in terms of the blockchain code, but uses its own coin called Whaleshares. It was airdropped to BTS holders, so there is a strong BTS connection.

    That is also a site with easy to earn tokens in that your introduce yourself post will earn you big time. In general it seems they are much more generous with the tokens than STEEM is. The way they’ve stopped spam is by simply making it really hard to get signed up at all. What took me 2 days is normally more like 3 weeks unless you already have some BTS from the snapshot period, and in your own wallet, not on exchange. I actually had some BTS on exchange, but that didn’t help me. In the end it was simply having interacted in the past with some of the projects of some key folks administering things, so they sort of fast tracked me.

    It is a really nice group of people. Pretty much some of the most community minded people from Steemit who decided to help newbies with no money be able to flourish by creating a new platform that was based on their own rules. They really have made it very easy to get started with no investment, if you can get signed up LOL. What will happen after they get out of this initial period and start letting people sign up automatically, I don’t know. Will they have crazy amounts of spam? How do you prevent that without making things hard for newbies who can’t buy coin?

    1. B-S Post author

      @indigoocean From the average user’s point of view, I cannot oppose this view very much. However, the fundamental structural conditions of the individual platforms differed greatly. Especially when we read about social media on the blockchain, we have to differentiate strongly with regard to the amount of information that a platform stores on a blockchain. In the case of Trybe, this is little or not at all the case, which also made the data losses of the platform possible last week. I don’t even mean this statement as evaluating, but this technological difference is there. Also the rewards mentioned in the commentary are difficult to evaluate considering the development stage. While Trybe counted only 14,000 users to my entry, the Steem Blockchain already served more than 1,000,000 at that time. This comparison shows that the share of the individual in the rewards pool is 100 times higher. In the case of Whaleshares this should be similar. The question here is what the final difference will be. At the moment I see a disadvantage in the fact that apart from RuDEX no Exchange seems to exist. All in all I think that I will have a final opinion on all these platforms only in a few years. At the moment I’m hoping for a strong development in the coming months, because in my opinion this is still urgently needed.

      P.S: @i-am Are you clicking my ads to death? 😀

      1. Indigo Ocean

        I’m seeing your comment just as I’m coming to post one of my steemit articles here, comparing communities by values. I appreciate your drilling down into differences in the tech related to this poster’s overview of platforms. I especially appreciate the note that Trybe isn’t storing most data on a blockchain. Btw, I’m not on rudex. I haven’t bought much WLS and can’t sell any, since you can’t power down anything and everything goes to stake this first year. But what little I’ve bought I bought on BTS exchange then sent to my WLS wallet on the blogging site.

    1. B-S Post author

      I had looked at the test net of them once, but since everything was in mandarin, I quickly left it again and forgot it afterwards. Maybe I’ll have another look at it.

    1. B-S Post author

      Then I actually read a large part of the whitepaper. It was definitely worth it. Especially Reward-System and Content Rating is noticeable – differs interestingly from the known. Also the topic subdomains could become very interesting in the future. Thanks anyway for the nudge and let’s see what’s coming.

  2. SouthernCrossroads

    I liked the information posted because I just ran across Trybe by accident while researching EOS. Other than steem I didn’t know there were that many other networks out there. I posted a few pieces. The response was positive and the comments informed… I was hooked after that.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. peter S

    Minds is completely broken, at one point I got about a dozen new followers per day, almost without exception vietnamese sex workers. I only published crypto related reviews so that could not have triggered it. I removed the app from my mobile, waste of time

  4. Josime

    I agree with you, if a platform lets you earn rewards for activity you do tend to get a lot of pointless posting and not much interacting between people, this is all new and we’ll have to find workaround ways of fixing this as it evolves. I’m feeling positive about it