it is on these note my parent use to say blood is ticker than water,you can never replace you blood brother’s place with you friend, even if some times my brother will disappoint me, he will do it either due to some factors or bad influence,

even in our society today you will discover that one with a good vision do not last,

what will happen if your only brother who you love so much travel telling you do not look for me even if you do,you will not find me.

i never believe it,till when my mummy told me it is time to sleep, and my brother is not yet back, his phone number was off, i decide to check on him in his friends place,on my way to his friends place,i saw one of his friends also asking me of his friend,my brother, oh! my God we lost my brother,

dead why? mummy, daddy we miss you so much,my brother is no were to be found. oh! what a lovely hero i have lost, the only one that make things happen,he is so responsible, and unique.

one thing is sure in life, which i have taken note of, people who are so vital and helpful don’t live long on earth, mummy,daddy be strong for me,God knows best,there is a reason for every thing.

life is full if struggling,nothing good comes easy,now another chapter begins, no more brotherly love, where will i start from,how will i cope with these situation.

God i believe in yo,ii know you will make a way where there is no way.

now my life in,not too long i sign up, after recovering from the shock,of which i lost my only sweet brother,from my research,and friends i have heard so many good things about these organisation, so knowledgeable and different from others, it have been so wonderful and cool, i hope to meet new friends and acquire more knowledge.


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  1. Zeus69

    I am so sorry for your loss, i know what its like, I wont go into it, but things will get better, I promise, remember the good days and never forget the love, this does help to move you forward in your grief.
    Mark (Zeus69)