With some clicks of your keyboard, you can locate loads of evaluations hashing out the first-class ways to stay and be and do. journey, spend money, invest, be productive, structure your day, listen to music, brine a turkey—there’s a right and a incorrect manner for the whole thing, and god forbid you operate the wrong credit card or incorrectly phrase an electronic mail given the breadth of assets at your disposal. with a lot facts accessible on the way to optimize, well, the whole thing, there’s simply no excuse to do some thing in a manner an professional deems substandard. what if you take a path not endorsed via google maps and emerge as at your vacation spot 4 mins later than you’ll have if you observed the ai’s commands? quelle horreur.

no longer every side of lifestyles wishes to be “optimized,” whatever meaning. first off, and it’s something i think about regularly while writing about money, because the “exceptional” model of some thing is one-of-a-kind for anybody. in other words, it doesn’t clearly exist. and secondly, because on occasion optimization just isn’t the goal.

i’ll provide you with one example. inside the lifehacker chat, we had been discussing the fine time to shop for a (stay) christmas tree. have to you wait until after thanksgiving? buy one while it’s “cheapest,” which happens to be christmas eve? or calculate whilst it’s most probably to appearance and odor the best on christmas? and on and on. there are one million questions you could ask about this (and that i’m nearly certain someone could be tackling some of them in a future post) one small, borderline insignificant existence occasion. sooner or later you just have to ask yourself: whilst do you want the rattling tree up?

my very man or woman, very unscientific answer is: now. i want the tree up now. i don’t want to wait till christmas eve—i want to buy one this weekend, if i’m in a position, decorate it, and revel in it for weeks to come. you might want to attend till your children come domestic from college so that they let you decorate, or till after thanksgiving due to the fact you may’t stand while the christmas season starts offevolved too early. and you know what? that’s all quality. that’s your optimization, and you must go with it.

that is one instance, however it applies to sincerely the entirety. sure, i ought to wait every other yr to shop for a phone and hope that the new version has a barely higher camera. i could look up a million recipes and then 1,000,000 eating places on yelp to locate the proper meal for an ideal first date. i ought to wake up at four a.m. and meditate and journal for an hour and get to inbox 0 and workout for three hours and write three,000 words of my new novel and go to mattress at eight p.m.

or i may want to just buy the telephone i want now, choose the restaurant across the nook i’ve long gone to as soon as every week for the past three months, and sleep in. i ought to supply myself a damage and stop thinking about a way to use each second of my life within the maximum “effective” manner possible.

i could choose a suitable credit score card that receives me points back on the things i purchase and stop demanding if there was a card that became very barely exceptional and would have netted me 2 hundred more points this year. i may want to take a job that pays well and shall we me do what i need to do with out annoying if it’s absolutely the fine suit on every achievable measurement. i may want to e-book a aircraft ticket with delta and now not worry approximately if i might have saved $15 with spirit.

in different words, i ought to forestall seeking to maximize my existence and as an alternative simply stay it. sure, i want to make clever, knowledgeable selections. i need to store cash and travel neatly and examine a aspect or approximately the devices that electricity my existence. however i also need to buy a christmas tree now, nowadays, and revel in it for the following month and a half. certain, a number of the needles would possibly brown and fall off, and perhaps it’s going to fee a chunk greater this week than it will in every week or two weeks or three weeks. however that’s just nice with me if i am getting to experience it in my condominium for the next six. it might not be optimized through your standards, but it’s going to maximise my happiness. and every now and then that’s the maximum critical metric.

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