Marketing strategies are not created equal. What has worked in the past will not always apply to the future, so it is vital to understand that marketing strategies are not static, they are very dynamic. Reaching your audience is becoming increasingly more difficult for content creators simply due to the staggering amount of content being published. According to this article published by, “2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace”. That’s what I consider a ‘staggering amount‘. The article being cited, How Much Data Do We Create Every Day? The Mind-Blowing Stats Everyone Should Read, also explains that 90% of the data in the world was actually generated within the past two years! The statistics suggest a major shift in how online content is marketed and more importantly how fast traditional marketing practices are being outrun by the pace of technological advances.

I feel it is vital for creators to understand how to (and how NOT to) market their content online in order to succeed rather than struggle.

The Struggle is Real!


Just say “NO” to traditional marketing techniques.

What is “traditional marketing”? This depends upon how far back in history we go, but for the sake of this article, let’s just use the last decade as our metric. Most of us are aware of traditional marketing strategies, with four main areas of focus including print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone. With print media now competing with online content, many publishers have adopted the digital model. Let’s face it, print media marketing is on the way out when publishers like PLAYBOY consider stopping print of their publication, early 2018.

Broadcast marketing must now include YouTube, so TV has digital competitors in this realm now as well. Direct mail, well that is the spam-mail which we are all pretty much immune to in 2018. Almost entirely ineffective and about as efficient as spam-email in your inbox. Cold-calling is still what many companies (and scams) still use by gathering leads and selling data, but even they heavily lean on digital data in order to practice their dinosaur-marketing-tactics.

Traditional marketing, to many, looks strikingly similar to cheesy propaganda and that is because we build a tolerance to it. We become immune to poor marketing over time and these tactics quickly become vastly ineffective. Unfortunately, not everyone got that memo.

There are so many options for consumers that it leaves a majority of content creators scratching for attention. In 2018, there are not just companies battling for viewers, readers, and consumers — it’s the kid down the street, the small business owner, it’s everyone that is connected to the internet. A vast spectrum of content is being shared online and there is only so much time in a day. It’s a flat out battle for attention for content creators, so choosing your side is what determines whether you struggle or succeed. Traditional marketing, in my opinion, is ‘the dark side’ and to be successful with your content you must ‘find the light’.

What is Non-Traditional Marketing?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, No… it’s just unorthodox. I would define non-traditional marketing as the ability to remain dynamic as a content creator while observing, experimenting, and refining your overall strategy in order to best communicate with your audience. Sometimes that means shutting up and listening to your consumer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an author, musician, fine artist, blogger, YouTube star, or the average social media user — listening to your audience is crucial. Ask them what they want, expect, desire, just ask them questions!

Communication is key and if your audience feels that they can communicate with you, then you’ve already done what many large corporations have failed miserably at for decades. To add insult to injury, these large corporations with massive marketing budgets have spent billions of dollars and have lost consumers. This is not to say that all large companies are not employing non-traditional tactics because many most certainly do. To name a few companies who’ve been known to ‘think outside the box’ of traditional marketing: The Simpsons, Politicians (Obama), Blackberry, Coke, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Harley Davidson, Budweiser, BMW, KMART, and many more.

Non-traditional marketing is how most of us content creators, small business owners, and social media figures alike find success without the tremendous expense of gambling on piss-poor marketing techniques. As someone who has more than a decade of experience working with business and building brands, I can attest to the ineffectiveness of the ‘old ways’ of marketing.

photo by Brandon Holsey © 2018


Creativity is King of the Digital Age

Spontaneous and unpredictable seem to be more effective than ever, so it is time to be clever!

Types of Non-Traditional Marketing

Guerrilla , Street, Seminars, Events, Stealth, Stunts, Product Placement, Partnerships, Membership Programs, Loyalty Programs, and even Live Streaming to name several types. There are innumerable others, but these have been used by some very large brands to enhance their brand awareness.

The goal is to engage, not incessantly annoy people. Whether you’re a business, a freelancer, or individual who wishes to self-promote your content, just remember that genuine engagement is what earns you success. Bamboozling random inboxes just doesn’t get your message across. The biggest mistake in marketing is forgetting that you are communicating with humans. We must remember that a relationship is essentially what we are after when we engage consumers, so we mustn’t forget that listening is equally important. People love to buy but dislike being sold to. That is something I learned early on working in sales. I want to offer some unique ways to better engage your audience and to find the right ‘consumer’ of your content, products, or digital media. These are strategies that just about anyone can employ regardless if you are a business or an individual seeking to expand your reach in the ever-growing digital age. Content creators are the everyday human in 2018 and virtually all medium to large scale businesses as well.



We can see that “Personal Recommendations” are most trusted form of advertising, according to a recent Nielsen research report. The runner-up, a close second, was “Online Opinions”. My hypothesis for these results is simple; trust is established through communication and communication is a relationship. Trust is established by verifying and verification is something that lacks in many facets of marketing. People trust what they can verify. It really is that simple.

We cannot assume trust, it must be established over periods of time. This is where active engagement really comes into play.

Some really important keys to non-traditional marketing are:

Be Flexible – Always observe and know when to shift your strategy towards the most effective practices. Don’t remain rigid in your strategy if it is not producing the desired results.

Be Inclusive – When you hone in on tiny demographics you lose out on connecting with prospects who might have been able to introduce your business, product, or content to their social network. If people feel  that you are not ‘speaking to them’ but rather to a niche group — you’ve turned them off.

Be Creative – Clever communication is how many creators find success. Tell your story, be yourself, and remember that your presentation is everything. How you present your content, product or service determines truly how ‘inclusive’ you are. Use humor if that is what your prospective consumer appreciates. Make communicating with you a fun endeavor for your consumer and get creative with how you connect in this digital world.


Friendly Reminders to Enhance Your Strategy

• Define your own goals and metrics for failures & success. Since you are going the non-traditional path of promotion, you won’t be using empirical data and research with predictable results. You must create your own metric of determining whether your tactics are effective and producing the desired results.

• Presentation is everything, so present well. Instead of a business card, consider other forms of media that can convey the same information. Compensational material like stickers or branded t-shirts can just as easily be given to prospective consumers who are more likely to keep that gift than a flimsy paper business card. Online badges are often given out for certain activity or milestones, which is a great way to engage and present something to your audience  that shows that you understand what they want. If you’re a t-shirt maker handing business cards instead of micro-sized t-shirts with your company info on it – you’re way traditional and don’t even realize it!

• Never underestimate the power of recognition. We are in an age, like I mentioned above, where virtually everyone is battling for attention online and offline. Features are just one form of recognition, but all forms of recognition are helpful in expanding your reach. This is a reward in itself to many people. Being recognized makes us feel good and when we feel good we are happy. You want happy consumers, right?

• Budget or No Budget – ‘the best things in life are free‘. You don’t need a massive marketing budget, but you will need to be very creative and dynamic. A great way for multiple parties to benefit from a single advertisement: strategic partnerships. Work with other creators, brands, or businesses that are complimentary. Many times the opportunity to promote is not an ad placement, but a real-life conversation or online forum to share information with peers. Educate others who seek the information that you have to share and you can often find great success in promoting your content, product, or business. It requires time and very little money to communicate effectively. If you do buy ad placement, be sure to know your audience.

• Presence is Power. Be present and be consistent in the promotion of your content, business, or products. This does not mean incessantly drill your social networks and blog with empty content. Express your command in your areas of expertise and share your knowledge. Now would be a great time to remind you to JOIN,  the knowledge sharing platform that I created this content on! There are many wonderful ways to enhance your reach and online presence without spending your entire life glued to a screen. Don’t forget to let people know you exist, but also remember to not annoy them! If you are sharing knowledge and information — you are much more approachable than someone that starts an introduction with ‘FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER’. When people are present, they are more easy to trust for many consumers.

It can be very difficult to grow a following in 2018 and it can be very easy to fall into a static way of marketing our content, brands, or products. The purpose of this article is to spark some thought and share some ideas with my readers because I feel that marketing and promotion is changing rapidly. I think it is more important than ever to discuss this growth and change, so I’d love to get your thoughts as well!

No matter if you are an online gamer looking to build a following or a company with 10,000 employees seeking to expand your brand awareness or a politician running a campaign; non-traditional marketing can help to guide you toward more effective communication with your consumers. People appreciate genuine engagement and that is increasingly hard to do online because it is very different than a person-to-person interaction. Establishing trust that can be verified by others begins with solid communication, a relationship, with your audience. Don’t forget that a relationship must be a ‘two-way street’ and requires two-way communication. That sort of ‘contact’ is what builds trust and when we are consistent in our actions, we have established a presence, then we can achieve greater results in expanding our audience and reach in this digital world.

What makes me qualified to present this information? Great Question! I like that you verify!!

You may read some of my previous content on business and marketing here on TRYBE and also on I’ll link a few articles to verify my experience and knowledge in the realm of marketing, but feel free to contact me to setup a chat! We can communicate so much more in actual conversation and I am always happy to help my fellow creators and entrepreneurs.

Check out this series that I created called “🌱to💰Growing Money In Your Yard“, an in-depth series that offers many unique strategies for generating income by growing food and plants in your own yard. It is geared toward the garden-oriented individuals, however, I share quite a bit of marketing techniques and strategy that I have put to the test over the years.  The series is ongoing and already has 20,000 words published with more to come. It’s a few hour read, but surely has some nuggets that can pan out and apply to many facets of business.

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About the Author

Hi, I am Brandon Holsey! A full-time father of two, musician, content creator, business owner, and small-scale tomato farmer, I’m a busy man to say the least. I have worked in a range of industries including design, construction, landscape design, sign installation, graphic art, fine arts, music, sales and marketing, as well as many past experiences which blended several of the above into some very unique endeavors.

I have a passion to learn, create, and share which is why I generate the amount of content that I do (I truly love it!). I’m a published artist whole loves to write, produce, and develop – I live to create and I create to live. You can find out more about me by simply asking me below or if you’re feeling sneaky you can always google my name. I’m known also under the alias of Daddy Daycare 2.0, the name that I publish my music under if you really want to dig deep. I appreciate your time so that’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks a billion for reading and rating this article!

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  1. Tony Lee

    Wow Brandon what a detail write up! The problem with the traditional media is the people who have been running the marketing dept for donkeys! whom are afraid of changes and end up doing the same thing over and over. I’m currently in Asia and i’ve seen re-runs of TV Ads from the 80’s repeated every week, month and year. Digital Marketing is the future and needs to be really focused on the Customer Experience Journey.

    1. Brandon Holsey Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Tony. I fully agree that digital marketing is the future and hopefully, we do not repeat those same mistakes with tv ads in this new and entirely different realm of media 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and observations, my friend.