The number of suspicious websites related to Crypto money has increased to 99!

The Belgian Financial Services and markets Agency (FSMA) has added 21 suspicious new websites related to the blacklist crypto currencies, which it publishes from its official site.

The number of suspicious websites related to Crypto money has increased to 99!

FSMA has been publishing a list of Waterfall websites on its official website since September. This list has reached 99 with 21 sites added yesterday. The number of websites on this list is expected to rise to over 100 per year. Despite previous warnings about risks associated with crypto investments, the agency said it was a major witness in online fraud cases. Many blacklisted companies provide financial services without complying with Belgian financial legislation. In addition, listed companies are busy attracting stores with alleged fake investment plans.

FSMA also adds web sites to the blacklist that have reached the previous crypto cabinets. The people who manage these websites know their friends as financial advisers, lawyers and accountants. Victims promise to compensate for their compensation payments or losses for a fee. FSMA calls these scam websites” Rescue Rooms”.

The number of suspicious websites related to crypto money has increased to 99!

Black List companies, FSMA outside the competent area

Blacklisted companies cannot be accused of being outside the competent area of the FSB. For example, Agence Des analysts Financiers is one of the listed companies in Germany. BK-coin has offices in cities around the world, including London, Tokyo, Meyrin and Paris, which still confirm the transition.

The regulator stresses in its report, “be careful of the firms that claim to have taken their powers from the audit authorities or who claim to apply to those powers.” Also, FSMA says it’S a very common technique. However, these are usually cases of identity theft.

Methods of cheating people by crypto money fraud

FSMA consultancy reveals the typical characteristics of a crypto scam. The regulator says the crooks are trying to convince the victims to get a phone call. They try to offer them a variety of investment options that claim to be able to make maximum profits in a minimum period of time. A victim tries to buy a new Blockchain product securities token, or to join a multi-marketing plan by depositing money into a crypto. Regardless of the type of marketing name, a scammer’s lyrics contain songs:

Monthly or annual high yield

High liquidity (users can withdraw money from time to time))

Investments are protected by real-world guarantees (in the case of the collapse of the market, they will not fall below the value in the construction of bile investments))

Here’S a list of Crypto money fraud sites reported by the FSA.



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