Skyway News .The company enters the planned thirteenth stage of development.

Skyway has just announced the ending of the twelfth stage, in which it was focused on the development of the company, and above all the construction of EcoTechnoPark on Biłgorża and the construction of high-speed string transport on the land of the Arab Emirates. Unicar and the two-band Unibus system passed the tests and obtained certificates. The Innotrans 2018 exhibition was shown for the first time, which attracted many potential customers and investors. The Skyway group of companies announced that from 12/12/2018 it will move to the twelfth stage, which means that the company’s shares will be more expensive. For example, if someone bought company shares in 2014 for a thousand dollars, he received 400,000 shares, currently it is 45000 shares for 1000 dollars, after the twelfth of December the price will gradually change. Also announced the start of the construction of a platform based on blockchain, on which you can exchange shares tokens, you can invest in specific Skyway projects around the world. The first such project you can buy for chips is Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Here is the map of Skyway groups stages