Capture of Youtube

Precisely on November 20, 2018, then or to coincide with the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the animated film for young people’s creative products from the country was released. The film was produced by The Little Giantz, a media broadcasting, and production company, mainly 3D Animation.

Nussa Edutainment Series was directed by Muhammad Arhan, who played the main cast of Aysha Ocean Fajar and Muzakki Ramadhan. The story that tells about these brothers and sisters gets more attention from the community. Both in Indonesia and in the world in general, some even ask to be made in the Arabic and English versions.

Capture Of Youtube

So it is not surprising that Nussa and Rara’s films become trending on Youtube and other social media. It was commented on by many characters and Ustadz like Ust. Felix Y Siauw, Ust. Abdul Somad, Arie Untung,  and others. The film also blended in Hijrah Fest which was attended by national figures some time ago.

The film is about Rara, a 5-year-old girl who likes to play racing cars and likes to play. Then Nussa always sang Rara. Animated films that are presented with Islamic themes are certainly suitable to be a spectacle of small children. So that this film is expected to make it easier for children to understand Islamic values, but still present.

“For example, they always get used to praying before doing something, if they don’t do it they will not be able to sleep because they have done it routinely, Nussa and Rara always seek blessings at the suggestion of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam.”

The amount of spectacle at the moment is actually damaging children, so the presence of Nussa Edutainment Series can be an alternative educational solution. This Nussa and Rara film can be enjoyed on the official Nussa Official Youtube Channel, currently, there is 1,583,621 Subscriber.

Hopefully with the presence of this animation that is so enthusiastically welcomed by the viewers. Other cool animations will be born such as Nussa. So that the spectacle of the community has educational values.

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