3. Metabolism

3.1 Know Your Metabolism

We need the following food for fat burning.

What happens when we chew our food and swallow into our digestive system.

Yes, after the nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream and travel to all the cells of the body, metabolism occurs.

Remember our CHO/P/F in Part 1 and 2? We get them from the food we eat.

Basal Metabolism: The moment we do our regular exercise

Hours following the meal:

Where do calories go?

Energy that can be used for physical activity such as brisk walking/running:

Interesting Note: Only 1-2% is used towards maintaining muscle, and 3-5% for gaining muscle. Gaining lean mass has a VERY small effect on your basal metabolic rate, something like 30-50 calories for 10lb (4.5kg) of muscle.

Carbohydrates is always preferred option for Energy through the food we consume.

Muscle Matters:

Yes, muscle training: burn more calories.

How do we rev up Metabolism? Aerobic Exercise : Works Better with Intensive Physical Activity.

“After Burn Effect” means: Either traditional Cardio Workout and HIIT Workout (We shall discuss in future posts)

Exercising at 85-90 Per Cent of Maximum Heart Rate (We shall discuss this in future posts)

We need to fuel up with hydration: Water


Energy Drinks


So, everybody, spice up your meals

Power up with Protein

Get boosted shot with Coffee

Recharge with Green Tea

Make you body a Mean Calorie-burning Machine for Regular Exercise

Eat Whole, Fuel up with Water, Stay Active, Be Healthy with Physical Exercise

Boost Your Metabolism with Real Food and Healthy Eating

Youtube Video: Foods that Speed Up Your Metabolism…Stay Active…for Better Health…

Hope you enjoy so far on Nutrition, Hydration and Metabolism for Runs. Coming next, special topic on sport nutrition.

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