Our volatile BTC, helping us, sometimes destructive, like a poor pigeon under a bus,

Unpredictably seen on TA’s and Charts, flying up like darts, or disappointment like farts,

Ascending and descending triangles, a wedge here and squeezed there, fakes us scare,

True experts, and pros, promote the possible path, these I follow, even with BTC wrath,

Dropping sometimes like a parachutist without a parachute,

Dragging most Alts with it, for no reason at all you bloody shit, through this silly season,

Or without warning a jump to the moon and the Alts get a slight bump,

Next moment, a complete dump and the rest of the crypto follow the slump,

We complain, no remorse, not knowing the reason or the real FUD source, or whales force,

Doomed the forums become quiet, awaiting your next move, and remain silent,

Satoshi was a genius, sometimes called crap; he/she deserves a trophy, or maybe a slap,

Relentless BTC control, and not respecting its real possible role,

Without BTC, it could be a mess, and this would be a major stress,

Helping our sad Alts grow, EOS of course will move and show,

ETH, was my first big bet, now more EOS I would prefer to get

Before we clear the shit from our eye, in your amazing disguise, you fly,

The forums awake, crypto freaks scream with ecstasy and sometimes extreme,

Our Alts life you extend, thank you BTC, in the end maybe flipping my friend,

But for now I will ensure I grow my EOS stack, take advantage of the price so low,

I am hopeful in these moments, I gather more and HODL, this is the new way, do not stray,

The EOS Block chain and my new friends at the TRYBE shack, Crypto be back, no pain,

Being rewarded for reading and voting, writing and being scrutinised, earn while you learn,

Free airdrops, and tokens awaiting your input, involvement, and judgement,

Yeah sometimes, down vote, but you see, that’s value too, of democracy,

Think! As a community we feed, a newly rooted tree, members the leaves and branches our link,

In the end we will achieve, our investment dreams, when new money enters, my friend,

We shall watch BTC and others like a hawk, together we shall you stalk,

With mass adoption around the earth, poverty no more and reward with financial worth.

Signing out for now if you have grasped what I have said, it might seem simple, and sometimes weird, but reality is, stick together as one community TRYBE, you and your family and friends will benefit with a little work, and effort. Your investment of time is not a crime, but a way to ensure all across the world will advance, your currency could one day be worthless, but crypto will resolve the unfair in-balance, just ensure your stance.

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