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Since you are all friends of mine now in some way, I will let you in on a little secret.  I first started this project privately last year and got 9 poems into the project before it stalled.  So I have a bit of a buffer between posts, in that I have enough poems to last until the beginning of February before I will need to write more. However, figuring in 78 weeks from the beginning of my posts, we will not finish this project until May of 2020!  I am going to be on vacation now for 11 days, so I hope to finish quite a few more poems while I have the time. I guess that I am cheating a little, but if it means the project will eventually be completed, then I guess we can forgive that.  Time is malleable.


 In this third instalment we have a nice change of pace from the devastation of the last post to celebration. In this case the number three also carries meanings of completeness and social interaction. The card depicts three women dancing with cups held high, sometimes it is great just to have fun and forget all your worries.  And I have carried this into three stanzas of different settings reflecting different social situations in life.


Whether it’s friends, family or people we encounter other ways, it is important to take the time to celebrate with them when we can, as the happiness could be ephemeral. So many situations in life are worse than spilled milk, are scarier than the monsters beneath your bed, and can downright disorient and dismay you.  You have to take the time to catch that sunset, see that swan in the river, and slap that asshole in the face!  If someone is making your life better somehow, let them know. Take the time to dance or sing and appreciate your current situation.


The Three of Cups – December 10, 2018


Photo credit: Mucha Tartot

Young lovers dancing in their neon limo
Abundances of wine and delicacies
Heartfelt tales and spontaneous laughter
Enough to lose themselves in one gorgeous moment
A mother, a daughter, a new son-in-law.


Old friends circling the frolicking flames
Sharing the blundering past and the painful present
With the oddest detachment of concern
Here are our dreams of a percolating future
Honed by the sublime of lessons learned.


A lengthy journey to a distant reunion
Ended suddenly with delicacies and sharing
We are not oblivious or concerned
In this harmonious talking, lilted singing
We have found new melodies, unlearned.

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