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I’ve written a short book for CEO’s, business owners, or anyone else running a business unit.  I’m going to share it on Trybe as a series broken down by chapter.  I hope it helps anyone who is trying to run and grow their business.



I started my career at a small business that experienced tremendous growth and success. Over the years my experience in high-growth, complex and chaotic environments continued. I loved it, and it taught me much about what small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need to thrive and grow. SMBs usually lack the resources larger businesses have so it is important that they operate efficiently and use size to their advantage. Small is fast, big is slow. Smaller companies can respond quickly and adapt to market changes.

I enjoy working with entrepreneurial companies that can make decisions and take advantage of opportunities. I’ve worked with several companies as both a chief operating officer and a consultant, and I’ve also owned my own small business. I began to see that operating a successful business was similar to another of my passions, Formula One racing. As I watched and appreciated the skill and efficiency with which a racing team and pit crew do their jobs, I realized a successful growing business needs to operate the same way.

I developed the idea of a Business Pit Stop. Everyone needs to work together while the team monitors performance and adjusts as needed. The fastest car won’t finish the race if it blows an engine. The best team can’t win if the car runs out of fuel. The best driver can’t bring the car home to victory if a wheel flies off in the middle of the race. The best company can’t succeed if it doesn’t operate at a high level.

In this book, I’ll share several key elements of what a business needs to do to operate at the highest level and achieve success. The business environment is competitive and challenging, but there are things you can do to make sure you not only stay in the race but win!

Next up:  Chapter One – Check Your Data

Lindsley Medlin

Pitlane Strategies LLC

Copyright © 2018 by Lindsley D. Medlin, Jr.

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  1. Infosion

    Very fitting analogy @Formula One!
    Somehow didn’t got to this series at the start, but “the race ain’t over yeat” I can see 😉
    This all sounds very interesting and usable information from an expert source. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here! Happy to read your other parts too.