Friends, Hello and good mood! In my blog I repeatedly told about the new product from China. It is a decentralized chat, wallet and exchange that are combined into a very interesting product from Onechain

I have been waiting for a long time when it will be possible to integrate the keys into the wallet and start trading.

And here is came the moment when this can be done. After the next update, it became possible not only to import keys from EOS, ETH, BTC, to enter funds into the wallet, but also the ability to trade on a decentralized exchange and a trading wallet at the same time! The peculiarity of decentralized exchange is that it is available only to users of the application.

Note that there are some features to consider if you decide to trade on Onechain. The first feature I encountered was the presence of coin clones. I was faced with the fact that I found coins at a lower price, and the price was lower by an order of magnitude!

As it turned out, these coins only had a common name (in my case, DICE). The trading volume is still small, but it is possible to operate on the price.

You also have the opportunity to trade using the built-in wallet platform Cross-chain Wallet. In this case, you first need to make a transfer inside the wallet to the trading wallet of the platform. You will be devoid of decentralization, but will be able to trade without spending your CPU and use trading between EOS BTC ETH and ONE pairs at the same time. Given that the project itself is truly innovative and there are no projects on the market that combine as many features and capabilities as Onechain has combined, I think that the platform will soon begin a rapid rise and now there is an opportunity to join at the beginning of this path!


You can use my affiliate link to register.

Friends article is informational in nature and is not advice to invest. Remember that the crypto market is very volatile and if you are not a professional investor, you should think twice before you start trading. If my information is useful to you, I will be very happy. Comments are welcome. Criticize me and I’ll be better!

The article uses images that are a compilation of information from the official website and mobile application.

I wish you luck love and patience!

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    1. Ilia Post author

      Judging by the chat, while the main users are Chinese residents, it is possible that the ability to trade directly on a decentralized exchange and internal platform will attract new users from around the world. Thanks for the comment @Nicholas

    1. Ilia Post author

      I understand your security concerns. You can install the application without importing keys. Look, Onechain has a lot of interesting things. And thanks for your comment Musa