ONO Review (EOS Airdrop)

What is ONO

ONO is a new social media platform, currently ONO is an ERC -20 token but soon to be moved to EOS blockchain. ONO is out in China atm but will be released world wide next month. From what I see they are trying to be more like Facebook, rather than Steemit being more like Reddit. ONO has an inbuilt private messenger app, unlike Steemit, and an interface more like Facebook. They are focusing on equality and trying to stop whales having all the power. They will also have their own app store where you can find mini games and apps to spend and use your ONO tokens. The app will support videos, high quality pictures, large amounts of text, links and even online stores. Currently ONO has over 280k member very impressive after only a few months. Like Steemit you will be rewarded with tokens for being an active member.


ONO did not have an ICO the only way to get the tokens is to earn them. If you held EOS through the genesis snapshot you will receive a 1 to 1 ratio of tokens. You can sign up to get an invitation code here: https://www.ono.chat/en/invite/index.html

OP token is ONOs version of Steem power, you can buy it with ONO tokens for a 1 to 1 exchange rate then it will be locked away for 13 weeks, after the locking term expires they will be converted to ONO and deposited into your account at a rate of 1/3rd per week. OP tokens will determine your attributes and influence on the network.

Can ONO kill Steemit and Facebook?

Short answer yes, long answer it will be very hard to kill Facebook but killing Steemit is a very real possibility, a lot of people are unhappy about the whales on Steemit also ONO won’t have any problems with scaling.

Is there room for both Steemit and ONO?

Yes, I believe so, if Steemit can upgrade faster and find its own niche it will continue to do just fine. ONO is more out to kill Facebook then Steemit.

Conclusion: The app looks very nice and the idea is promising, 280k members already just in China is very impressive this could grow very quickly. With every EOS holder given free tokens it will entice a huge number of users to look into it. They seem to be addressing what Steemit is doing wrong and developing apps faster too. Only time will tell if the equality aspect will work out. If you are receiving free tokens this is worth checking out and maybe even hodling some tokens.

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