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“Data is the New Gold” Mark Cuban

Privacy and data protection is the next biggest thing in the world of internet. If you may not know the companies like Facebook, Google run their business using the customer data.Google has revenue around 30 Billion Dollar while facebook is around 40 Billion dollars. One of the major source of revenue is advertisement. Since data are concentrated in a centralized system they are vulnerable to hacks (50 million users Facebook data got breached just 2 weeks before)

What is ONO?

ONO is a next generation social network that is free, decentralized and rewards users for their content. The application is very much similar to other social media like facebook. It allows the user to like, comment on the post. Every like and comment will reward the content creater with ONOT token. It will be built on EOS.IO software. Currently ONOT is a ERC20 Token. They are not planning to airdrop to EOS community however on sign up to app you will be rewarded with 100 ONOT.

How is ONO different from other social media sites like Facebook?

Facebook is a centralized company whose business model relies on selling user data to generate ad revenue. ONO’s ad system does not sell user data to generate revenue. Instead, the users in ONO control and decide if they want advertising on their content. People can opt out of ads completely if they choose to do so. If users decide to opt in, they control the kind of advertising they want to appear on their pages, and also gain revenue from advertisers directly.

Main Features of the App

  •  Most of the features are similar to Facebook .It allows the user to update status, post images,video,emoji
  • Follow the users, Share their post
  • Decentralized messaging platform
  • Settings will allow you to control the data that needs to be shared (Privacy)
  • There is an additional feature, Real name authentication . This is a KYC check there to eliminate the fake accounts
  • Since it is still in small stage other feature like 3rd Party API integration, Advertisement is still to be updated

ONO was able to secure funding of $16 million (Series A) . It gained a user base of 3.25 million with 2 weeks of its release. Even though it is not as full fledged as facebook there is a great hope towards this project,

Let all take a pledge to use a decentralized social network like ONO from now onward and control our data instead of companies like Facebook,google making billions of our data.

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