The EOS blockchain will be 90 days old in a couple of weeks.  A lot has happened in this short time and we have seen some impressive development!  That being said, it’s high time for those that are on the fence to get involved and pull their EOS off the exchanges and into their own wallets.  Or, sell it off to the rest of us who are staking, voting, and participating in furthering this blockchain.

There are many content creators that have made videos on the best wallets, expressed concern about voting for the top 21 block producers, and highlighted the best applications being developed on EOS.  I am extremely grateful for these folks.  They are educating us all, driving the community forward, and giving me an opportunity to test-drive my investment.

However, I’ve had about enough of people asking “Will this airdrop be supported on ‘X’ exchange?”  My opinion is it shouldn’t be supported.  Why?  Because we have some concerns as a community on who the block producers are and the small amount of EOS holders actually voting.  Airdrops should go to those who are moving the community forward, those who are voting, or delegating their vote to the best block producers.

Who are the best block producers?  The block producers who are creating wallets, dapps, and educating the community.  Look up Investing With A Difference on YouTube and delegate your vote to them if you don’t have time to do your own research and vote on your own.  I don’t want to list the best, because I’ll miss one that I deeply care about.

Here’s the deal.  Your tokens are sitting on an exchange and they’re using them to vote for themselves and other exchanges to make money.  Meanwhile, their block producers aren’t doing anything for the community but accepting the check.  Get off your duff, get a wallet, and vote.  Try out some of the cool dapps like EOS Knights, EOS Bingo, or make a monster on MonsterEOS.  Get your feet wet and try out this blockchain.  Why are you investing in something you haven’t tested out?  The value goes well beyond what you read about, or watch videos about.

Is Binance going to support your airdrop?  I hope they don’t.  It’s time to move past this point.  You’ve missed at least 10 airdrops so far, while centralization continues to make money off of you.  If you don’t have a computer, check out my article on EOS Lynx and get your mobile wallet for your phone or tablet.  The time has come for you to join and vote and move the community forward in the decentralized world we are all looking forward to.  Quit asking for a centralized exchange to feed you the benefits that others are working hard for.

Here’s a small list of wallets for you to start.  All work well and are backed by EOS Governance so you won’t lose your coins.  You have no excuse:

SimpleEOS by EOS Rio –

Greymass by team Greymass –

Scatter –  this is my favorite when linking with:                                                    GenerEOS toolkit

EOS Lynx Mobile Wallet for IOS and Android, you can also download from the Apple App Store or from Google Play –

Get in the game!

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  1. Workin2005

    Excellent article. It amazes me how some complain about the problems with EOS, but when I ask what they’ve done about it, they look at me like I’ve got 3 eyes. What I love about EOS is, we all have a voice…a vote. If people aren’t willing to put in the TINY amount of effort it takes to get involved, they’ve got no right to complain IMHO. I’m not bullish on EOS because it’s perfect. I’m bullish on EOS because it knows it’s NOT perfect and is willing to constantly evolve.

  2. Brandon Holsey

    Great article, Shawn. I agree that the ‘priority’ is to build the network and ecosystem and that rewards should be disbursed accordingly. It is not about listing on exchanges, it’s about building a better environment – so investors should by all means be aiming to improve upon this environment (since their money is at stake). However, testing out the tools can be tough to convince the community to do until security is ensured. Large investors of EOS might be a bit more skeptical about putting keys into a tool that is not exactly secure or fully developed. That I can understand. I have not yet used scatter because it does not function on a browser that I use, so until that bridge is built – I wait. Greymass is a stellar wallet that I have used and found it has all that I need. I’m 100% staked at this point and now just need to do my homework on BP candidates. Thanks for this article, very nicely done.