The Team Hilarski Journey as Business Partners Began in 2012.

Our story began in 2011 when I first moved to Panama but I had to escape the life I felt trapped in. Over the years I grew tired of my life in the USA and decided that I needed to start over. Deep down I knew I was an entrepreneur but I had zero mentors and I still had not grasped the power of the internet.

So with around $5k in my pocket I moved to the Republic of Panama and took a sales job with an upstart metals company. Within weeks the owners noticed that I was selling without even picking up the phone. They asked me what I was doing and I responded, “I am reaching out to people in my precious metals community directly using Facebook.” They really had no idea what I was talking about but they asked me if I would partner up with them and form a marketing branch for their companies.

My First Lesson in Getting Screwed by Partners.

After a year of successful marketing and sales of around $20 Million the owners decided that they didn’t want to keep me around. So to the curb I went. I had no recourse because I was not on the company documents due to being an American citizen. Believe me, nobody wants Americans anywhere near their companies or bank accounts. The company collapsed a year later and many people lost huge amounts of money.

When Things Look Bad There is Always a Silver Lining.

As I sat home contemplating how I was going to pay the rent for my beautiful condo and keep my girlfriend Anabell around, I decided it was time to begin writing full time for a living. At the time I started writing for a travel company making more money than I was with the former business. It was a great interim gig because I literally could write three articles on Monday and Tuesday and take the rest of the week off.

Then reality hit, the company was running out of funds and they could not afford to keep me on as a writer. Seriously, things were just getting back to normal? By this time Anabell and I were married. So we had a discussion about how to proceed.

Cutting Expenses and Giving Up the High Life.

In January of 2013 we left the swanky condo lifestyle and moved 45 minutes away to a middle class Panamanian neighborhood on the edge of the jungle. Our monthly costs dropped from $3000 a month to under $1000. This gave us the opportunity to invest in our new social media business.

Be Persistent in Pursuing Your Dreams.

Social Media was Hot and We Were Good at It!

During the years of 2013-2015 Anabell and I built an empire on Social Media. We first conquered Google Plus then proceeded to expand across all of the major social media channels. Our first client was The CEO Peter Spina was a friend of mine from the Gold and Silver industry. To this day we are eternally grateful to Peter for giving us the opportunity to work with his amazing company. We also had many local Panama clients like Safarick’s Animal Rescue and Serenity Vista Recovery Center. 

Then we started a travel company called VIP Panama Tours just because we dominated the Panama search results on Google. Why not offer our services as high end tour guides? We made sure our prices were higher than everyone. Anabell and I know Panama inside and out and figured who better than us? So we launched and averaged 3-4 clients a month. I know not much to write home about but it was another revenue stream and we were able to meet some amazing people. We closed VIP Panama Tours down when the news of Zika virus was spreading across the Fake News channels. The visits to our website plummeted. It was time to move on.

The Dollar Vigilante Entered Our Life.

Jeff Berwick and I had been connected for years through mutual friends and being part of different precious metal and Bitcoin groups on Facebook. Then one day Jeff posted that he was in Panama for 24 hours and was looking to hang out with fellow expats in the area. So I sent him a private message on FB and we got together that night for dinner and beers. We ended up shaking hands with Jeff that night as he agreed to have us take over his social media marketing.

Anabell Hilarski was the Designer of Jeff Berwick’s Famous Memes from January 2016- January 2018.

Jeff really opened doors to so many opportunities in the cryptocurrency and anarcho-capitalist world. We will never forget the people who reached out and gave us a hand in building our business.

Jeff Interviewed Me for Anarchast in December of 2016 Regarding 200 Social, Panama and Steemit.

Our Journey in CryptoCurrency Had Just Begun.

In 2016 Anabell and I helped launch our first ICO with Arcade City. That experience catapulted us into a growth phase that would blow us away. Entrepreneurs always talk about that moment when you finally hit your grove and late 2016 was that time for us. Since that time we have helped 15 companies launch their crowdsales.

2017 was a year that I can not put into words. It literally left us speechless. The crypto world went into overdrive and the opportunities were all around us.

Sadly in late 2017 we made another huge mistake and partnered up with another group that ended up holding us back. We were able to extricate ourselves from the situation and only lost some pride and a chunk of money but that is life.

Now in 2018 we are once again in a bear market. This time has afforded us the opportunity to right our ship. We are once again building our personal brands and working directly with cryptocurrency companies. We know that sooner or later the crypto bull will come roaring back and we will be well positioned to capitalize on it.

Don’t Wish It. Work for It!

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  1. TheCoinMan

    You are a true inspiration mate, love catching up on your content and some has really helped me, I have similar dreams and have had some success but also a lot of failures so far, but I will keep chipping away to try and switch the balance and people like you really help along the way, due to your FB post I signed up to Trybe and syked myself up to make a post and I actually have tokens I cant believe it, I’m not a blogger myself in fact this was actually my first post other than I’m drinking beer on social media so I’m very happy, I’m still stuck in the corporate rat race so I can’t really market myself or tie my content to my personal social media pages as you do as i feel it would affect my career in the matrix so I’m going with the anonymous approach for now!

    1. Randy Hilarski Post author

      Hopefully you can extract yourself from that life before you feel stuck. When I left everyone told me I was crazy and I was dipping on my responsibilities. Well, I did what I thought was best for my sanity and it worked out great.