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Many of us received various EOS based airdrops lately, including IQ, Karma, Horus and very soon also Trybe. Most of these tokens are not traded on the existing exchanges, yet. In fact, one of the few tokens that were close to being traded has been IQ which was nominated as community token of the month in Binance round 9. Though it failed it shows that there is interest in EOS based tokens.

There are places to trade most of your tokens though below I am listing those exchanges that I was able to identify. Feel free to add additional ones as a comment and I will be more than happy to amend them to the article.


Chaince was one of the earliest, EOS token focussed exchanges. The exchange offers Airdrop Trading, RAM Trading as well as regular trading of EOS-Tokens. It does offer additional BTC trading which is unique to the EOS-Exchanges I have identified.

Chaince is not running on EOS-network but has clearly focussed on trade of related tokens.

Key Information

Exchange Type: Centralized Exchange
Access: Registration with login, 2FA available
KYC: Yes

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All charts are being provided by tradingview, same as many other exchanges. You will feel comfortable immediately. The overall functionality is good, though I am missing the option to move buy/sell prices up by one “satoshi” with little arrows as used with other exchanges. Also the quantity of the tokens needs to be entered manually, no “max” or “100% – 25%” scale available.

The range of tokens is considerably low compared to other exchanges.

A nice feature is “Wool Hat”, the integrated bonus and rewards program. This offers trading competition and other incentives.

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By the way, if you would love to assist me a little, you could register here (affiliate link) so I can complete the invitation reward task.


DEXEOS is a fully decentralized exchange and can be found here: once more, charts are provided by tradingview.

Trading is currently free in most instances, in fact, you get rewarded with PEN (DEXEOS Pennies) for trades, which will be the fuel for future trades (I assume since I found no explanation).

Trading features are as expected being able to buy/sell prices up and down and selction of 100% to 25% of tokens.

There is only one option for Limit orders available.

Transactions are fast and seamless with nice scatter integration. Once more Scatter is the tool of coice.

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Exchange Type: Decentralized Exchange
Access: Scatter, EOSign, Wallets
Min. Order: No

DEXEOS might be a one-stop shop at some point of time as great features like CPU and RAM staking, voting and transfer features are already visible on the website. This will be great to limit the tools you need to access.


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NEWDEX claims to be a fully decentralized exchange and can be found here: once more, charts are provided by tradingview. The interface is pretty loaded but has more features than the other exchanges.

A post appeared on Reddit that claims that NEWDEX is actually not a DEX and incorporates security flaws, I can not judge if this is true or false but please read the post here and create your own opinion.

The amount of trading pairs is the largest of all exchanges.

You are able to trade based on market order or limit order which is a nice feature not available to DEXEOS as of today.

As nice feature you are able to see some details of the token you have selected which is nice from my perspective.

Exchange Type: Decentralized Exchange
Access: Scatter, EOSign, Wallets
Min. Order: 0.1 EOS

I personally had some critical issues with NEWDEX and stopped trading there. Please check my blog for a further information (as I am writing this, it is under review) explaining the issues I had.


This is still a concept of an EOS-network based decentralized exchange, more information can be found here:

An Airdrop was planned based on EOS Genesis snapshot but until today I personally did not receive any tokens. To get hold of some KEN tokens you can subscribe to their telegram channels granting you at least 40 KEN for easy tasks. If you wish to join, you may use this link (affiliate link) to their airdrop bot on Telegram.

The screenshot was taken from their website since no public access is available by now. A public launch was intended for 08/2018 but seems to be delayed.

Exchange Type: Decentralized Exchange
Access: Unknown
KYC: No (I assume)

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Out of the exchanges I have checked, my absolute favorite is DEXEOS, the user interface is not yet great but performance is very fast. This is the same though with all of the Exchanges running directly on EOS network.

Arbitrage 3.0

Especially if you are using Scatter, Arbitrage trading has never been this easy. Since your tokens are available at your fingertips by a single Scatter verification, you can buy on exchange A now and sell on B immediately after the transaction has been processed. EOS offers great speed so you might be able to perform these deals in seconds with virtually no fees.

As mentioned, please let me know if I missed out any EOS-focussed or EOS-network exchanges, I will be more than happy to add them here.

Please find part two of my exchange evaluation here:

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  1. Tim

    Good work Quest. Ive been on these exchanges since their first day’s, it can feel oddly isolated from the rest of the crypto trading circles playing in an EOS paired world. You have found most of the main stay exchanges which would certainly be the best for newcomers to use first, Big.One is the only glaring omission. There are also a couple of other exchanges i am aware of that fly below the radar, is a small and only recently opened scatter based exchanges which could become a useful addition to our tool kit, though volume is ludicrously low right now. In the early days of RAM trading we had as one of the few portals to interact with the blockchain and they now also have a scatter based exchange.

  2. Matthias

    Thanks for sharing. Didn’t know there were other EOS-based decentralized exchanges apart form Newdex. it will take time for these platforms to offer a seamless user experience but it’s good to see that there are a few ongoing projects aimed at bringing the necessary liquidity to these emerging DApps. The EOS ecosystem is growing.

  3. cicbar

    Best exchange for EOS airdrops is BigONE. It is centralized but it is EOS oriented and you can trade almost all EOS airdrops. It has nice trade volume of EOS airdrops so there is smaller spread between buy and sell orders in comparison with exchanges that you have mention. That is why it is best for me…

  4. Tim

    No worries, thanks for taking the time to spread the word. The convenience and speed of scatter exchange arbitrage alone completely changes the whole trading game in my opinion, with a bit more time to iron out the early niggles the dex’s are going to be very popular indeed. It may be the same as the one you have found but there is also one called findex, associated somehow with EOS Singapore I believe, who keep threatening to open, thought it was supposed to be last wednesday but no signs yet. And of course we still have ‘Bitshares 3.0’ to come yet too. Thanks again for your great work.

      1. Tim

        All I have currently is their telegram with this pinned message

        “Welcome to the FINDEX Telegram Community!
        FINDEX is an EOS native decentralized exchange (DEX) developed by Singapore-based BP candidate EOSIO.SG.
        We are a genuine DEX that will feature exchange contracts, chain-based order books, IEO (initial exchange offering) and bespoke listing solutions for dApp projects.
        However, we need your help to spread the word and participate in our beta launch which will come shortly.
        What’s in it for you?
        1) All valuable contributions from the community during the beta launch will be rewarded and discussed individually.
        2) Valuable contributors during the beta launch will also receive an exclusive invitation to become a “founding community member” for the ongoing development of FINDEX.
        Stay tuned and spread the word!
        FINDEX is coming.”

  5. Ian saunt

    I’ve copied dexeos explanation of dexeos penny from there telegram.

    We will increase decimals for order soon. The update will be applied in a week after sufficient notice in advance.

    PEN (DEXEOS PENNY) token will be issued for the number of decimals processing.
    1 PEN = 0.00000001 EOS, Stable token with a fixed price (8 decimal places).
    PEN token is used as a way to extend the number of decimals to 8 digits. Notice that it is not related to the exchange tokens that will be issued by DEXEOS.
    The order was available only with the 4 decimal digits price and with the integer unit quantities. It will be changed to the 8 decimal digits price and the 4 decimal digits quantities for the order.

    For example, if you trade two specific Dapp token for 0.00001 EOS, the price for this order becomes 0.00002 EOS. This was not available to be processed on the P2P exchange DEXEOS by blockchain transaction. In this case, by adopting PEN token, we can transfer 2,000 PEN instead of 0.00002 EOS on blockchain.

    So you can collect PEN tokens and sell them back to DEXEOS as 0.0001 EOS per 10,000 PEN units.

  6. SouthernCrossroads

    Thanks for the overview of these sites. I love the idea of decentralized exchanges associated with scatter rather than login information. It’s just amazing, and running on the blockchain, this platform just continues to add utility and become more flexible.

    1. BitcoinQuest Post author

      Absolutely, it is also stunning what EOS can achieve in combination with the existing exchanges, event though most of them are (as of yet) not decentralized. Please let me know if you come accross any new exchange.

  7. Ilia

    Delightful post! Thanks @BitcoinQuest for sharing! Very useful and necessary information. Regarding the exchanges, I would like to add that there is a possibility of trading on the EOS blockchain through the built-in exchange of the OneChain project. There really is not yet fully debugged inference engine coins, but I think you should look at this project. On the platform, you can simultaneously trade tokens on the ETH, EOS, BTC blockchain and the internal currency of the project, if you are interested, you can look at my blog

    1. BitcoinQuest Post author

      I agree with that. They do have a disadvantage now due to the waiting time for block confirmations, too. The might gain more traction again once TELOS is listed. SouthEX is also disappointing at the moment due to various errors and outages.