Bali is often regarded as a paradise for nature tourism along with Lombok, and indeed it cannot be denied that Bali is the right place for a beach tour. Pandawa Beach, dubbed The Secret Beach, is a secluded beach on the island of God, precisely in the south of Bali, in the village of Kutuh. Although hidden and covered by bushes and high cliffs, this beach can still emit its charm. It’s just that, tourists who want to come to the beach must be prepared with quite difficult access.

When going to Bali, visitors are usually only aware of Sanur Beach or Kuta Beach, but a very beautiful view can also be found on Pandawa Beach with white sand and the clarity of the sea water. Exciting activities that should not be missed are water sports such as paragliding and canoeing. Swimming activities are also carried out by many tourists. There is also a cultural parade that can be witnessed when visiting in March; this event is presented by Hindus and Buddhists.

At present, Pandawa Kutuh Beach is no longer dominated by foreign tourists. In fact, many who vacation on the Kutawa Pandawa beach are domestic tourists.Every tourist who visits the beach in Kutuh village, will be amazed by the beach view. You will get clean white sand and calm waves, free from pollution and casual traders.

From Ngurah Rai airport, you will travel 1 hour by traveling 18 kilometers. Even though the distance is only 18 kilometers, the time needed to reach the location is one hour. Because the road to the beach in Kutuh village is tortuous and you enter the congestion area, especially in front of the Jimbaran GWK tourist attractions.

If you are not familiar with finding a location from the beach in Kutuh Village, you can use Bali services to rent a car with a driver. Your driver will be happy to take you to Kutuh beach.

If you visit this beach, be with family and children. No need to bring your own food and drink. On this beach, many food stalls sell fried rice, fried noodles, grilled seafood and some western foods.

If you want to sunbathe on this beach, food stalls here provide sun loungers along with umbrellas that you can rent.

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