Not long ago PARSL announced (also here on TRYBE) that, from now on, there will be an additional staking system for their monthly airdrop. That means if you have some SEED tokens and want to get a part of the monthly coming airdrops you will need to

  • log in to and answer some survey questions (usually only takes up to 5 minutes to complete) – as you already had to do every month before so far
  • now additionally get your coins staked & better do this as soon as possible, because the time of staking also determines your payout size in a way! It’s better to have tokens staked for a longer time, as you can read here in detail

Here’s how you can stake your SEED tokens:

1) Visit EOS Toolkit for PARSL Staking here:

2) Attach your account through Scatter

3) Enter your account name

4) Enter the amount you want to stake

5) Click “Stake” & Confirm your transaction on Scatter

Here’s a great official walkthrough tutorial on completing the tasks and how to do the staking from PARSL:

Here’s another official video from PARSL worth watching. It explains how the new staking model works in detail and why it’s more beneficent compared to the old “random snapshot” model:

Easy to get done, if you know where and – in the first place – THAT you have to do it that way!

So, as mentioned, better get this done sooner than later. Because the time of your staked SEED tokens will be taken into account when it comes to the next individual airdrop payout sizes and favors early staking.

SEED token value

PARSL started giving out some of their SEED tokens for free in their initial airdrop, back in October 2017. The amount of that depended on your amount of EOS.

Because this wasn’t enough for what I wanted, I bought some more and in the end I had ~6K of SEED before the first airdrop for all SEED holders in the November airdrop. In this airdrop I received over 50,000 (!) SEED tokens, which was almost a 1,000 % gain in tokens.

Because the price was dropping relatively huge I bought a little bit more, so that I had ~60K SEED.

In the last airdrop of December I still got almost to 100K, so it was like 40K tokens more, which was a ~66% gain.

The price is dropping so far, especially after each airdrop. But that’s no wonder because of the high amount of tokens that are being dropped in every airdrop so far.

Despite the fact the price has been dropping I’m still up around 300% in EOS value, if you take the price for investing vs. the current price now.

All in all I think this project has definitely good chances for success and way more compared to his competitors for cannabis related projects on the blockchain. Besides the blockchain there has been already proven that there has been a great demand for such a market. For example the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and South Africa and the growth of companies like Canopy or Aurora. PARSL could in many ways profit from others having done a lot of work for them, when it comes to legalization and coming into an already existing or – more like newly created and potential continuously growing – market. A lot of the users could benefit from the advantages such a solution brings on the blockchain compared to other “non blockchain / rather out dated” solutions for this new kind of market. I think in the future users from different sites inside this eco system will be attracted for different reasons to use the solution they can trust the most and know that it’s working. With all taken into account PARSL looks like they are very serious about their plans. So I think this project is one of the many few in the blockchain as well as the cannabis world that is really worth supporting and with lots of potential for future success.

The next PARSL airdrop of 70 million SEED tokens will be around the 26. Jan 2019. From now on, these are 12 days until then. After that there will be following more, once every month this year.

Make sure you get the surveys done until that date. And for future airdrops make sure you get your tokens staked fast after each airdrop, because of the “time bonus value”.

Also check from time to time, to get to know about the latest stuff concerning PARSL developments and the airdrops.

These are all my observations and are only my opinion. These are by no means any investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currencies or any investment.


PARSL Reward Drop Whitepaper


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  1. MineYourMind

    Since after airdrops the price drops and they exponentially increase the holdings into the hands of a few, aren’t airdrops overall harmful for the product? And, while they are to motivate early adoption, doesn’t this stifle late adoption in the future, because high token accounts can have too much control over the price, making investment more risky?

    1. Infosion Post author

      Well yeah this is difficult. For new tokens, you have to find ways to get people getting to know about you and you need to get your coins somewhere somehow (I mean you won’t just keep all for yourselve …). There are mainly two options for most new projects: Do somekind of ICO or somekind of airdrop. In theory you could just list them on exchanges without doing any of these, but don’t know if this really makes sense without some kind of big promotion.
      Thinking about it I think that it maybe worth for the project which is new to do some reward airdrop. Means you get more, the more you do.
      In comparison to the current PARSL airdrop model, you could name this “More Rewards For More Effort Drop”. Think this is the key. Somehow get your product ready, so that people can interact with it and only give out some small amount of tokens before in airdrops and others only if people are actively involved in “your thing”. This reminds me a lot about the TRYBE airdrop model ..!
      But I have to agree with what you have said in a way when thinking about some projects doing airdrops. However, you also have to take into account that the airdrop model is very new and all in all we are all very much experimenting – the creators and the users. As you said, there’s probably not much gained if an airdrop ends up in only a few soaking up all the value, just because they were early. But on a longer scale think a value of an project gets much more reduced to it’s real value it can produce/offer. Maybe you could also call all of the airdrops somekind of new marketing.
      Thanks for your critical view on this, got me obviously thinking a bit 🙂

      1. MineYourMind

        And thanks for the detailed reply. I understand the point about advertising. Not so much about an Airdrop replacing an ICO. I’m sure it’s important to promote liquidity and hopefully get your coin moving, showing it’s being used.

  2. James Diegel

    Ya, parsl has been a bit tricky lately. I like the idea that they had about completing the tasks to be rewarded, and think it is great that when this did not have the desired effect of stabilizing price, they adapted it to include staking. I also like that they seemingly listened to the community and factored in the time staked as proportionate to the amount received. TRYBE has done a similar thing with reinventing what the airdrop should be in their must stake 20 days before the airdrop for it to be counted. I think projects like these, although at present not the norm in their airdrop models, are very productive for the space. I hope that more projects will continue to utilize and adapt the traditional airdrop mentality and bring about maturity in the space often dominated by quick sells ‘free’ tokens. As you, I think that parsl has a bright future and I am hopeful that this new staking mechanism will be more beneficial to both the project and those that truly believe given time 🙂

    1. Infosion Post author

      Yeah I think it won’t totally stop the price from dropping after an airdrop, but it will definitely help a lot with the time favoured staking system. In theory this should get a lot of tokens out of the current circulation, so this should be goood. I also think what happens with the tokens being sold so “cheep” is that a lot of them get over the time more and more into the hands of people who really believe in the project or are more related to it – and not in there simply for the money. I’m also really curious to see how PARSL will develope over the time.
      Thanks for your detailled opinion on this!

    1. Infosion Post author

      I was asking myselve that same question when I was trying to look up DICE one day in the past .. 😉
      Because PARSL and DICE are EOS alt coins, they aren’t listed there. But you can find all EOS Tokens here:
      It’s interesting to look where the projects would end up on coinmarketcap if you just look at the current marketcap. For example BLACK as the biggest on EOS with 73 million would be at place #58 at coinmarketcap or DICE with 23 million at #123 and TRYBE with 2.5 milllion at #519

    1. Infosion Post author

      Your welcome, nice to hear that you also got involved earlier. Yeah I’m also pretty excited how this will all play out after the year of airdrops is over. Think you’re right with “the coming years”. Thanks for your feedback!