PARSL is a cannabis supply chain built on the EOS blockchain. PARSL aims to solve many of the problems that currently exist in the medicinal cannabis supply chain and industry in general.

PARSL is probably one of the most exciting projects on EOS at the moment, with the potential to become a world leader in this rapidly growing industry. Dr Isaac Balbin, the founder of PARSL, is an engineer with many years experience in the RFID tag field, including a number of patents to his name.

Combining RFID tags and blockchain technology, PARSL will help growers, distributors, transportation companies, and dispensaries to keep a verified record of each step in the process of getting medicinal cannabis products from the farm to the end user.

Their SEED token will be the fuel for this economy, which will need to be used by all participants. SEED is currently available on NEWDEX and DEXEOS, but holders of SEED will also be eligible for bonus airdrops over the next 12 months. See this article here for more details.

See our friends at Parsl telegram here

Get to know the Parsl project on their website here

And here is a recent interview with Dr Balbin done by Matt from


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  1. Infosion

    Nice interview! This year was allready a good one for the whole industry, so there are many reasons to believe it’s gonna continue like that even further . The plans and the model from PARSL seem very good from my view. Excited to see how this will develope further
    Best of luck fom me! I’ll definitly hodle some SEED too 🙂