As the technology develops various website sites appear in our midst, especially online buying and selling websites that are so popular in Indonesia.

For now, I am not discussing about the various applications that are present in Indonesia, even now more advanced, but in this article I will discuss about an application made by local Acehnese children who are also online buying and selling sites, namely

Besides being able to open on PC (Personal Computer), Pasai Aceh application can also be downloaded using Android and Ios.

The way to download it is very easy. You don’t need to upload (upload) from the Play Store or the App Store, but simply visit the website from your smartphone, then select “Add to home Screen” from the tool bar in Browsure your smartphone, or even if a notification appears to be uploaded to your home screen, you can simply click the button, wait a few moments, the application is ready to use.

You can see it in the picture below:

If you have difficulty clicking “Add to Home Screen” you can find further info on the Internet, and many conveniences that you will get there.

Furthermore, the Pasai Aceh Application button will be automatically entered on your Smartphone’s home screen and you can just enjoy the results of the services available with various products sold there, even you can advertise your selling products there.

When opening the “Pasai Aceh” application, you must have a Login. or you must register if you are not yet a member. Make sure! You are checking “Remember me” so that you are not asked to verify every time you open the Application.

Now that’s a glimpse, about the application of local children’s products in Aceh, if you want to put up a merchandise ad, please register and visit the website, guaranteed to be under control.

Because local children’s products will not be inferior to the products of other technology experts, our technological capabilities are the same, just learning and developing what we have got.

as well as creating something useful for ourselves and other people we also have to learn not to be wrong in carrying out a business that we develop.

Greetings from me @bustami.

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