If you have received Karma tokens via airdrop about a month ago, instead of the tokens just sitting in your EOS account you can put it to work and earn more Karms tokens. This is an excellent way of building up your position during this crypto bear market. Before we get started, let’s learn a little about the Karma project.

What is Karma about?

Karma is one of the early decentralized application built on the EOS blockchain. It is designed to reward users for helping people through positive actions. Users also earn tokens by validating good deeds. Feel free to share tokens with those you feel deserve it for doing good in the world. With all the negativity around the world, a good deed can go a long way. Go to their site at https://www.karmaapp.io/ to sign up for public beta.

Now let’s move on with powering up your Karma tokens. Simply follow the steps below. The instruction assumes that you have already linked your EOS account to the Scatter desktop app.

Step 1:
Go to EOS toolkit website, https://eostoolkit.io. On the left panel, click on Attach Account to link your EOS account

Step 2:
Verify that your EOS account is linked, you should see your account name on the top left.

Step 3:
Scroll down mid way on the left panel and click on Karma.

Step 4:
This should display your current Karma token balance.
For Account, type in your 12 character EOS account name.
For Quantity, type in the amount of Karma tokens you want to stake.
Click on Power Up and accept scatter pop up.

Once the screen refreshes, it should provide the exact date and time on when you can claim your power up rewards, currently it is one week.
Also, keep in mind that if you decide to power down, you will have to wait 3 days before you can power up again, similar concept to EOS stake/unstake.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Dukefish

    Great How to guide man! I’ve been trying to get into Karma’s beta but no luck. I am looking forward to when it goes live, hopefully it will be one of the first Dapps to help kick start adoption!