Passive income tools and thoughts.

Passive income what-is-passive-income/, is a stream of income which is generated passively, that is it requires little or no action from the owner of that stream. The advantage here is scale, meaning there is no limit to how many passive income streams an investor can own. On the other hand, there is a limit to how much time an investor has. That is there is a limit to how much money can be earned through employment, but there are no limits from passive income investments. But how does one create passive income?

Side Hustles

Side hustles are a side business which with time can be turned into passive income streams

  1. Youtube Channel Videos 
  2. Ebooks 

Peer to peer lending

p2p lending offers interest rates between 5% and 12%, some of these loans are backed by property with LTVs of 60%. What this means is that the borrowers have control of an asset which is worth more than the capital borrowed, in case of default the borrowers can sell the asset and potentially retrieve their capital and interest back.

Discover how to invest in p2p loans the safe way  and learn 12 advantages of peer to peer lending and boost your passive income  but be careful of the risks of peer to peer lending


Masternodes are servers which compute transactions on blockchains in returns they earn a cryptocurrency passive income. Some examples are VeChain and Phore. There are money other established masternode projects ; these have somewhat less risk than Lower Cap Masternodes , upcoming masternodes  are masternodes projects which have potential but are not yet in production. Be aware of the masternode risks before investing!

Revenue Generating Coins

Some cryptocurrency tokens generate passive income; they do this in two ways either through inflation or sharing of the dividends. This depends on their tokenomics setup. Many cryptocurrency exchanges share their profits with those who own their cryptocurrency. More innovative business models include Restart Energy, which shares a portion of their electricity trading platform and TrueFlip. EOS is offering many different ways to earn passive income.

Explore a full list of passive income cryptocurrency coins and make sure to do your own research. The latest information from the crypto passive income space is a good starting point!

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