Patience simply means tolerance, expecting the worst while praying for the best. Waiting alone does not define patience. It also entails having a strong believe while you wait.

My article today was inspired by an American movie “Acrimony” produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry.

The movie is centered on a lady “Melinda” who meet a guy (Robert) in high school. Robert was a mechanical engineering student, He invented a battery that recharge itself. Robert greatest dream was to make he’s project known to the world and give Melinda everything she ever wanted. Melinda loved and supported Robert in He’s project both financially and emotionally. Robert and Melinda got married, while Robert was still in school.

Melinda was very industrious, she worked hard to make her family work, hoping that when Robert graduated, he will be able to find a job and take care of the family and all her past suffering will be gone. When Robert graduated from school, he couldn’t find a job due to the fact that he had one bad criminal record as teenager.

Melinda kept working hard to support Robert while he works on He’s battery project, she had to do 3 different jobs just to meet up. There got to a point were Melinda had to mortgage the house her late mother left for her just to support Robert.

After all the whole trauma, Melinda became feed up and due to excessive persuade from her siblings, she divorced Robert.

A couple of months after the divorce, Roberts battery project Hit and he became a millionaire, He went back and gave Melinda a check of $10 million while he proposed marriage to another lady. Melinda wanted Robert back but it was too late. Robert went ahead and got married to another lady.

Many of us today make the same mistakes, I’ve seen a scenario were an investor followed a project for 2 years just after the he gave up and sold he’s token for a ridiculous amount, the project became the next big thing.

Another great example Is the person that bought  Pizza for 10,000 btc in the year 2010. just imagine if he had kept he’s btc for a couple of years more.

“patience is the key element to success” Take a look at EOS a year ago, many people sold their token due to impatient, take a good look at EOS today.

lets all endeavor to be patient with what ever we do, good things takes time. Be patient with your career, wife, kids, neighbors, and top of it all, be patient with the project you are following!

thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. Smitty

    I’ve been told I have the patience of a saint. Dunno about that but my trick, or philosophy if you will, is to not be attached to results. Just be in the present, always do your best and appreciate everything around. If it’s rain or cold it’s good. If it’s sun and pleasant it’s good. Maybe it’s a positive attitude thing.