I’ve got an winnings payout issue with https://luckyos.io dice game and it appears others are also reporting similar issues, as I note from their Telegram chat. 

I’ve played 3 games on this site. The first two rolls I won and the smart contract paid out as expected.

The third go, betid:1539169238259167 was a modest bet of 0.25 EOS. Up from my previous risky rolls :D, with the range set up to 93.  I rolled a 76 as shown in the screen shot, which should have paid out 0.255 EOS. 

After a couple of hours after and the bet not having paid out still – I reached out to Luckyos on their telegram chat.


Eventually @17:03, user name Bitmain Admin replied, “sometimes, EOS mainnet delay. do not worry, the smart contract will transfer to you later”.

I figured I’d leave it for now and check back later.

This morning after checking my eos wallet the winnings had still not been paid out, so I signed back into their telegram channel and notice that another user is also expressing a different issue, slightly more though at 8EOS, approx $45 at the moment.


Now to me this seem that the concern here is different, in that the user was charged the 8 EOS but did not complete the game by getting a result displayed. Perhaps there was a Internet connection, perhaps something else, I wonder if du lemon has checked his bet history? At the point of writing this the Telegram admin has asked for a eos account name which is yet to be supplied.

So just in these two instances, concern with the operating of these betting Dapps is a worry. I appreciate in these early days there will be teething problems and I write this in good faith, that this site doesn’t appear to be a scam. I hope, du lemon and I get our coins back.

It’s probably a simple fault in their smart contract or code, but from my perspective it will make me slightly more hesitant to try these DApps as they are released.

  i’m keen to find out if anyone else has experienced similar issues with this dice apps or any others.  So, please share below with your own experiences, be that good or bad. Thanks

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  1. JAMH Post author

    Update: Yesterday shortly after posting this blog, I received a private telegram from Luckyos admin “Bitmain admin” asking for my eos username – for them to look in to my missing winnings, which I supplied.
    And sure enough, this morning I can confirm the winnings have been received and a mining bonus of ‘2.5 Luck tokens’.
    So if you have similar problems with DApps, try to make contact through the telegram channels as this seems to have worked in this instance.