I try to avoid the phrase “the scandal of the moment,” though it is clear that this is actually about more than non-orthodox practices by which a marketing company used the personal data of millions of Facebook users, ba even manipulated them with false news, the effects being dramatic changes at socio-political level.

What is GDPR? The acronym of the General Data Protection Regulation, a new regulation on the protection of personal data that the European Union has imposed on the Member States since 25 May. Strange match of things: The monster scandal that affects the world’s largest social networking is based precisely on the sensitive issue that the EU wants to address with this law. At the age  of 14 I remember that I became an identity card holder. That is, I entered a national database where various letters, numbers and other information defined me as a member of society. Then I really became the owner of some personal data. Personal data that, over my lifetime, has been used with or without my acceptance. To the police for the permit, to the hospital for admission, to the faculty for enrollment, to the bank for the loan, to the civil status for the marriage acts, etc. and so on and so on There are many situations where you are required to provide basic personal data. So your acceptance is understandable.There are situations where you are kindly asked if you agree to give access to your personal data. But most of the time, we do not really understand exactly what they are talking about, so we’re easily passing the details of the demand. You all know what I’m talking about: either those long contracts, boring wood, maybe a tiring text to read.

Who is to blame if the consequences do not convince us? Well … we. Because we accepted. We agreed. Oh, you did not know, you did not understand, you were not patient, do you think you were misled? Bad luck! You gave your approval. That’s what the law says. And if it’s legal, it does not really matter that it’s immoral. Though it should matter. But it does not matter, as society accepts that moral norms be subordinate to legal norms. And here we invariably come to education: if you have not been taught, even small, to open your eyes as much as you read a document you are about to sign, it is your fault, but especially of the society that ignores this deficiency. And this ‘scandal’, even if it involves taking data without the consent of the owners (which is obviously also illegal and immoral), it is good that it happens. It has to be a cold shower for all of us, and it makes us realize that, unfortunately, we have come to treat everything with superficiality. I know, the temptation to blame on the Internet is very high. Because of the internet we are superficial, because of the internet we do not have time, because of the internet we do not understand, etc. and so on and so on Is that so? Is it not because of the human nature, which, in the absence of correct education, tends to become superficial ?! That’s why I can not wait to understand how about ‘the personal data protection’ new  european law. Cheers!



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