Dear brothers and sisters of my wonderful Trybe One Community good evening I am Julia from Lucknow, India an artist who is enjoying it’s exciting journey of this beautiful platform which is very enthusiastic and supportive. Friends it’s my pencil sketching and today I am making the Peter Panda and it’s adventure series front page, maybe this book will be available on Amazon store very soon, I made the cover page of this series dedicated to the little Panda kid named Peter.


Friends here I am sharing some snapshots of the story as what is the story behind the Peter Panda Adventures series, friends story star lattes from a zoo where Peter’s parents happily living Peter is three months old little Panda who is very sweet and lovely everyone in his neighbourhood loves him. One day the authorities of the zoo decided to move their parents to a new zoo because this zoo where they are living is situated in the jungle and very less tourists dare to come there hence the zoo eating is very low and the authorities don’t loose the chance of extra earning due to this little Panda as it can attracts hundreds of children and their parents in the zoo so they decided to move the Panda family to a new zoo which is situated in the city. The zoo keepers decided to load the entire family in a iron cage and move to the zoo but they are not ready to take the risk of bad road conditions so they decided to move them separately so they don’t hurt each other due to shocks of rocks on the way to new zoo, Peter and his parents are very sad as they will loose their home and neighbours too, Peter was crying loudly and then authorities came to them and put them in different cage, Peter’s patents are very anxious and crying loudly for their child The Peter Panda. On the way to the new zoo when the trucks are moving slowly in the jungle there is a group of elephants also wandering there and unfortunately a little elephant hit by the last truck in which the Peter Panda was locked in a cage, due to this mess up with elephants the driver looses it’s control over the truck and an accident of truck occurs and the cage detached from the truck while truck and driver felt in a trench and driver lost his life. On the other side all the trucks including Peters parents lefts the jungle and that place quickly to escape themselves from the attack of the angry elephants. Peter Panda’s cage got broken due to accident and stuck in a bush while rolling down from the hill corner and luckily Peter panda escape fro that and escape himself behind the bush to save himself from the angry elephants, and from here the story of Peter Panda adventure started. Friends for the remaining story you have to buy my book from the Amazon Store which will be available soon on the stores.






So dear friends you can see in my drawing the Peter Panda is looking very sad and I tried to sketch the exact emotion of the Peter Panda, here below you can enjoy all the steps of making the Peter Panda drawing.

Dear friends #trybeone and #trybe is the first platform where I discussed my new upcoming book story.

Friends support me if you like my artwork and story.

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