Good night trybean all, On this occasion I will give interesting information to you about the Dogecoin where in the past few months the Doge has increased of course that will be interesting to review. some time ago I was able to write about the factors behind the rise in the price of dogecoin and at the moment it turns out that dogecoin out there is booming with the news released by Amazon

because of the current Doge trend, some parties out there are proposing or want Amazon to add their payment method, that is, with the Dogecoin, of course, to get this, one of the ways is to make a petition.

this petition itself was made on the website with a full capacity of 25,000 people to the full, but now it is almost 20,000 people, Of course, that is a positive response from people who use the Amazon website. this is not the latest innovation for payment in online stores, it has long been used with Bitcoin, but the option to add dogecoin is the first time done and is now in the process

Mark E., is one of the many who petitioned at, describing the Amazon as a “leader in innovation” and, as such, they hope Amazon accepts this coin as a payment method because “fast, cheap and stable. “

Mark E goes on to mention that Dogecoin is “stable in value, the transaction costs are also cheap from other major coins, while the coins have a large community and large transactions too, active with developments that are taking place.”

The petition confirms that Dogecoin has been accepted by several institutions such as small business owners, charitable organizations, and entrepreneurs around the world. This petition popped up after the announcement of Dogethereum, a project currency based on the Ethereum engine.

For now, at least, Amazon does not accept any form of cryptocurrency as payment. but it is possible to use Amazon gift cards purchased at Biterefill with cryptocurrency for the same purpose as well.

interesting information that I can give all of you today, hopefully, increase your insight and become a guide for the future to meet on another occasion. reading source ( add-dogecoin-ke-amazon/)
This is my own article that I have translated from Indonesian into English.Original link(

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  1. SouthernCrossroads

    I was not in the running for Doge but any crypto on Amazon would be a big move. I can see having followed Doge for a while that it could be a good choice. I would hope EOS or maybe XRP would get the platform, but hey I’d buy more Doge if it got the Amazon account.