I have just recently drawn Spiky having sunburns so when I saw that Artstorm’s theme for yesterday was Sunburn I decided to draw something different.

I was sitting on my armchair with a pen in my hand and a pocket notebook in another looking for an idea to draw. Started wondering whether I should use portrait or landscape format and for some reason chose portrait – it looks bigger on the phone.

Which characters should be on the page this time? How about Cornelius and Dietrich. They always come up with something funny to say.

OK then. I wrote my name, a date, a title and began to draw huge Cornelius looking at his spread out wings. Since it was a large version of him I also added some feathers. This time he wasn’t pooping as he usually is. 🙂

Then I wanted to draw Dietrich but I didn’t leave too much space at the bottom of the page. And Dietrich was lying on his back and looking up at Cornelius.

Now my friends started talking to each other. Cornelius said, “I should have payed more attention to what Pinky said about sun…” Because Pinky just recently advised Spiky not to forget to turn when sunbathing which he obviously did.

Dietrich said, “Yeah! Pinky is never wrong!”

Then I wanted to also include Pinky and give her a chance to reply but there wasn’t enough space at the bottom. Nevertheless I drew a small Pinky and she said, “This is so true!”

Piglets are never wrong because their IQ is 130. And it only increases with each potato peal they eat! Or with every time they are right? I forget which one…

I hope this silliness will put a smile on your face!

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