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  • Pimping My 7 pt Highlander Deck

For quite some time now I have been playing the archtype of Blue Moon in Australian 7 point Highlander. The deck has been pretty good to me in its different variants and over the years I have been slowly finding versions of cards for it that I like. My Islands are Beta and Mountains are the Arabian Nights ones because I like the old school stuff. I have been able to acquire some really sweet foils for it too like the DCI Mana Leak and Counterspell with the old borders which can be tricky to find and most of the foils aside from those I have are original printing.

As cool as foils and old school are my true passion is nicely altered cards. I have done a few myself, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say many of then are good. I have had a couple of successes but most have been just OK. I have not taken to the paint brush in a few years though and my keenness for it had definitely waned.

I received some fetch lands from a friend in Queensland the other day which have been altered in the famous ‘Guru’ style – a promotional series of cards designed by famous Magic: the Gathering artist, Terese Neilsen. I am not sure who did these alters but they are amazing to say the least. Below are my cards next to the originals to show how they’ve been changed.

Sorry for the poor quality images.

Now these things look amazing in my deck, but they are only the Khans of Tarkir version and I have another three fetches from Zendikar that look out of place now. So I thought I’d get my paint brush out and have a go at altering those ones so the rest can match. I’m sorry but I can’t show the Scalding Tarn as I haven’t picked it up of a friend yet so it hasn’t been painted but the Arid Mesa and Misty Rainforest are below.

Now critical me doesn’t think they have come out as well as the ones I received, but I am happy with them after such a long hiatus from doing alters. I can’t wait until I get the Tarn to finish the deck set of fetch lands.

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