Deadline: End of Saturday at 11:59 PM UTC January 19, 2019

Rules: Max 3 GIFs per person. 
Previous winners of pixEOS contests are disqualified.

EOS community judges will decide the top 3 winners. NSFW content isn’t allowed.

1st Place: 5000 pixEOS Tokens

2nd Place: 3000 pixEOS Tokens

3rd Place: 2000 pixEOS Tokens

How To Enter:

Create up to 3 GIFs using giphy.com. You may decorate/enhance the media below if you want or you can create something from scratch. You must have the pixEOS logo or word, pixEOS somewhere in your GIF to qualify. After you upload your GIF, copy the link. (instructions how to upload a GIF are below)

You must share your GiF on your favorite social media like Twitter, Steemit, WeChat, Instagram, Medium, Whaleshares, Trybe, Karma, etc and provide us with a link to your share. If you use Twitter to share your pixEOS GIF entry, please tag the official pixEOS account, @eos_pix.

3. You must submit your GIF in the pixEOS Telegram channel: https://t.me/PIXEOS and also submit the link to your social media share of your GIF.

Use any of the following media to create your pixEOS GIF. Or create your pixEOS GIF from scratch, just make sure to add either the word, pixEOS or the pixEOS logo. Media files are at the end of this article.

Don’t know how to create a GIF?

No worries, it’s easy. Just watch the video tutorial and follow these steps:


The pixEOS GIF Judges

We are thrilled to have EOS community members as judges for our GIF contest. Here they are: DataJunky of GenerEOS, Katie Roman of EOS Asia, Rob Finch of Cypherglass, Ross and Shelley of EOSphere and Syed of EOS Cafe Block. The judges will decide the top 3 winners of the pixEOS GIF contest. They may take several days to deliberate, so stay tuned to our channels to see the winning GIF entries.

Good Luck!

Media Files For You To Use


You may choose any of these files, enhancing them, adding stickers, etc., or you may choose to make a GIF from scratch. Just make sure and have the word ‘pixEOS’ or the pixEOS logo somewhere in your GIF.


By entering this pixEOS contest, you give permission to pixEOS to upload and make your GIF available to the public for anyone to use and share on the pixEOS Giphy channel: https://giphy.com/channel/pixeos

You also give permission to pixEOS to share, distribute, and use your GIF for any marketing purposes or any other purposes that pixEOS decides to do in the future. By entering this contest, you agree to these terms and conditions. While we will attempt to attribute your work, this may not always happen, especially once your GIF is uploaded to the Giphy channel, which is open to the public to use in any way.

pixEOS Official Links

Website: https://www.pixeos.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_pix

Instagram: https://instagram.com/pixeos.io

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgT-kxHdHnLO3pSFotzHDqw

Giphy: https://giphy.com/channel/pixeos

Steem: https://steemit.com/@pixeos

Trybe: https://trybe.one/members/pixeos/blog/

pixEOS Telegram group: https://t.me/PIXEOS

pixEOS announcement channel: https://t.me/pixeosio

pixEOS China group: 中国社区: https://t.me/pixEOSChina

pixEOS Korea group: https://t.me/pixEOSKorea

Whitepaper English: https://pixeos.io/pdf/pixeos_1_25_12a_en.pdf

Whitepaper Chinese: https://pixeos.io/pdf/pixeos_1_25_12a_cn.pdf

E-mail: team@pixeos.io

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