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The pixEOS team is working extremely hard as we proceed through the auditing and we have found a few bugs and vulnerabilities which we are stamping out as we speak.

Against our will but for the sake of the gameplay and security, we are releasing the 1st stage of the game later tonight, but will announce it 3 hours before the game goes live so everyone can prepare.

For security reasons the game will be launched in 3 stages:

Pixel Game: Will be deployed today, 1st of February and announced 3 hours before deployment.

Claiming mechanism – The claiming will be open but rewards processing will be done by the team every 8 hours at first until the system is tested and tuned up. From the moment it’s ready and debugged, the rewards processing will be done every hour.

Staking system – The staking system will be deployed in a further stage, scheduled for the 4th of February at a time to be disclosed by the team.

We need to stabilize the economy in phases to avoid exploits and protect the users and the platform.

We really appreciate your patience we will update again shortly. We realize that many of you were looking forward to the launch, and we apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with the delay. With software development and smart contract auditing, it is essential that we prioritize safety over all else and finding bugs is a natural part of the process.

We will be providing further updates for you soon.

Thank you,

pixEOS Team

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