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Hello everyone!  This is my first post, on any crypto based site, and I am excited by the Trybe community!  I am very new to the crypto world, and blockchain, and any blogging whatsoever, so this is my foray into this new world.  I work in a science lab, and spend my spare time board gaming, and feel I need to branch out into new directions, as well as revive the old hobby of writing which I have been neglecting.


I have decided to deal with my ignorance of crypto, my procrastination for writing, and my desire to learn Tarot, all into one public project that will make me learn and create them all at once. I will have to post a new poem every week, for 78 weeks (based on the modern decks) until all of the cards have been dealt with. By doing so, I will also have to learn how to blog and will be further exposed to Trybe and the crypto world. As well, I will complete a writing project I have started but never finished.

The idea of the poems is to take the main message that the card represents, and attempt to flesh it out with my life experiences. This will also give me a personal connection to each card, and will describe the myriad aspects of life that the Tarot personifies.  There are no restrictions or rules for any of the poems.  Their form will be an organic part of their message.  I hope that you enjoy the project, and I hope that we all make it through to the end!  


The Nine of Pentacles – November 26th, 2018


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I am humming through a slightly smiling lip
For the thought of another year
Before the next assessment of my life.
The moon is evading the obvious sun
Through my tiny garden window
And the red pine is staggering in place.
I am whistling with no recollection of the tune
Pensive in a solitude to share
Startling rabbits simply bred to fear.
The peacock struts with his one good leg
I am its beneficiary and it’s mother
Drowning in the scent of the undiscovered.


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