Mountain range

Standing tall, at 1 km high is Table Mountain, how outstanding,
To the top a ride via a cable car trip, you can see all, even a harbor ship,
Hikes from below all around the Mountain can be done, for all to astound,
Certain days reveal a Table cloth, the wind blows and clouds appear from the rear,
The top is flat, as if carved for a specific reason, and the mountain is available all season,
On the one side we have the 12 apostles, but can be seen from the cable station ride,
Once at the top, you can walk the flat surface and view the Cape Peninsula like a hawk,
The beautiful oceans around the Cape trip, change from cold to warm at the very tip,

On the way up

On the way down

Hikers on Table mountain

Front view of Table Mountain


Top of  Table Mountain, Cable Station and Lions Head and Robin Island in the back.

Ocean and beaches

The white sand beaches follow the curvature of the peninsula, and all in tourist reaches,
Cold seas in the West side, to warm water, in the East; you will enjoy the feast, and ride,
From long white sand beaches, Long beach, be careful as it is stormy and the wind is strong
To naughty beaches like Sandy bay, with nudists from Mandy, to you odd dirty old man Andy,
Surf is always up on Blouberg beach, somewhat cold, but surfers know it matters none, as told,
Strand beach is flat, and warm, many a person on the beach playing, swimming and some just sat.


Table Mountain from Blouberg beach, and the Table Cloth (Cloud Cover)


Surfing and paddle skiing


Sunsets and sunrises

Sun rises in the East from the Boland mountains and sets behind Table Mountain, with many surprises,
Sunset from the mountains top can be seen, or from the beach below, has so much to show.


Sunrise from Lions Head Mountain


Sunset from Tygerberg Hills


Sunset with City lights from beach

Wine routes and picnics

There are 560 wine farms in and around Cape Town, renowned for their quality wines and vines,
Lunches and dinner served at these places are 5 star, and yet but a short trip by your hired car,
Or simply take your own picnic, or order baskets, and share with family and friends, on lawns, as shown,
Beauty of these farms, and historical, with back drops of mountain ranges, stunning old charms.

Wine farm entrance


Wine farm Dam and Vines


Simple Statistics

Cities – Cape Town is 1 of 14 Major Cities in South Africa
Population – +-4 million
Size – 129462 sq KM
Culture – very diverse (many race groups) – fantastic heritage
Common languages – English, Afrikaans, Xhosa


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    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks for reading and commenting Workin, always great to hear from you. I cant take credit for the photographs unfortunately, but poetry yeah, I sourced the photos from free sites. I have a few myself but not as great as those.
      Mark (Zeus69

  1. helmibireuen

    Culture – very diverse (many race groups) – fantastic heritage
    Common languages – English, Afrikaans, Xhosa

    Apart from the above you mentioned, of course Africa has a variety of mountains and hills that are also very inidah, a trip that is very pleasant for you, … Have you ever stepped into our country Indonesia @zeus69

    1. Zeus69 Post author

      Thanks I agree with your sentiments around the rest of Africa, with regards to the mountain ranges, yeah some stunning views and environments.
      Unfortunately no I haven’t been to Indonesia, but one day it is my intention to go there.
      Mark (Zeus69)