CHP is the token for a online poker dapp CoinPoker. Finally there is a poker dapp, In Australia and probably many other counties they have banned online casinos well the ability to load money onto them anyway making them useless. CoinPoker is built on Ethereum which isnt to bad as you only need to deposit and withdraw tokens, you dont need it for every bet. The dapp run perfectly and the layout is simple but get the job done. The best thing is it has no ranking fees or any other fees at all. Its also available on both PC and mobile. Below table layout

The dapp has 2 types of poker available Hold’em and Omaha. Both have multipool blind limits and have tournaments running all the time. They run free to enter tournaments every day with a prize pool of 1000 CHP. I have highlighted a free tournament below.

Sign up

To sign up you will need to provide your email, phone number and Ethereum address, you dont need to deposit anything to play. Blow you can see the inbuilt exchange from Ethereum to CHP


Very nice poker dapp i really wish is was built of EOS so it could have the easy signup with scatter, other then that it works perfectly and best of all its all free. If you dont suck at poker like me you could win really money.

Website HERE (Not a ref link)

Available on PC , mobile and Apple HERE (Not a ref link)

Cryptoslice Facebook HERE

Cryptoslice Steemit HERE

This is not professional financial advice please do your own research before making any investments.


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  1. Andrey

    Judging by the data that I collected, the company inspires confidence)
    I decided to start working with them, judging by the experience of others, everything is cool there.
    As for me it’s better to start acting, and there it will be seen

  2. oleen

    Thanks you for this share cryptoslice, i had sign up already and start to play, everything working fine!
    no ref link, no bonuses because there is no commissions on the tables and free tournament offer every 30 min, it will be nice to see one poker dapp in eos, waiting for that!