If you haven’t heard of POKER then you probably aren’t very into the EOS gambling scene. This dapp is the first one to release Blackjack and is currently working on PVP texas holdem! The house edge on blackjack is less than 1% with optimal strategy!

Over the last month the average return per 1000 POKER staked is between 2-4 EOS PER DAY! This is not even including the increase in the price of the POKER token. Over the last 2 weeks the price of the POKER token has more than doubled and it is not looking to slow down! Now is still a great time to get in before the mining ration goes down again!

Here is a full guide on how to buy or mine poker and stake them to start gaining DIVS.

All of these steps require you to have scatter installed and set up with an EOS account! If you do not have one feel free to use one of the many account creation services such as https://eos-account-creator.com/ and install scatter from https://get-scatter.com/ or from the google chrome add-on store!


– Head over to https://eospoker.win/?ref=deletedmyeos and just start playing! Its that simple. For every 10 EOS you bet you will get 1 poker, WIN OR LOSE!

– For information about the best strategy in blackjack look here! https://www.blackjackarmy.com/basic-blackjack-strategy


-If you aren’t much of a gambler and wish to just invest you can purchase poker from newdex.io.


-Once you have poker head over to https://eospoker.win/?ref=deletedmyeos , click on STAKE and type in the amount you have/wish to stake and click send. Accept the transaction in scatter and you are good to receive your divs everyday at 00:00 UTC.

The eospoker dapp has received so much attention that they need help keeping up with their CPU requirements so they have started a promotion allowing 1500 POKER to be split between all the accounts that stake CPU to their eospokerwins account every single day! So if you want that little extra POKER and you have unused CPU go ahead and stake it to them to get extra rewards! Good luck and happy playing!

One last thing, as you can see the name of my account is deletedmyeos. This is because I accidentally deleted the private key of my old account and lost control of it. If you could use my ref link to help me recoup as much as possible I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

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  1. G

    I disagree. The cost for those 1000 poker tokens are way out of reach for most.

    I staked about 10000 ET tokens for a dividend of 3 eos last week before the whales moved out of Endless Game. The cost to purchase those tokens was around 35 eos at the time.

    Current cost to purchase 1000 poker tokens….. wait for it 314 eos!

    Yum, myeosvegas, Dice, and now funcity all are or will provide better dividends for the same cost of those 1000 poker tokens. Obviously if you got in early with poker then good luck to you.

    However, investing in Poker now from scratch would be a big risk in my opinion.

    1. steven montgomery Post author

      I think the difference here is the upward potential. Dice is old news, and blackjack and poker haven’t even seen their real potential yet. I don’t think this ship has sailed. There is more to come in my opinion. Thank you for sharing yours though!

      1. Infosion

        It’s hard to compare all these different projects right now. But I guess it’s right that Blackjack has lots of users playing it and especially Poker has really tremendous potential. Being one of the first who can deliver a good gaming platform to play poker has very good chances of being successful now. Well however they are not the only ones, CoinPoker is also another great project so far for example.
        But all in all I think POKER can be a good investment in the long run.
        Thanks for the article!

  2. netooo

    Worth mentioning that if you play with scatter and ledger nano s, you wont be able to execute the second transaction of either hit or stay on blackjack and whatever you bet will be stuck on limbo utill ledger nano updates its firmware in february and you go back and cancel your transaction to get your money back.

  3. Ian Jeffreys @DNAian

    It is amazing to see how these dApps develop so quickly. I wrote an article on DACs almost a month ago and talked about EOSPOKER and its small community of about 100. Oh the good old days! At the the time you got 1 POKER for each EOS bet plus referral bonus. And on the exchange it was 0.0374 for 1 POKER. There are now over 694 members on EosPoker telegram and I am sure it will continue to rise.