This article is to introduce people who don’t already know, of a decentralized search platform that can replace your usual search browser and pays you each time you search something online – whilst storing none of your data.

It is very important that we can share information on already running projects that are great tools to get non tech people started on Cryptocurrency’s, and not get too carried away with ICO’s and projects that are nothing more than an idea on a whitepaper. Its even more important that we DO share our Crypto knowledge because most things are not advertised by company’s like we are used to in the world at present, and by spreading knowledge we can create our own Crypto economy and help others to get onboard whilst raising the value of the said Crypto Token or Coin.

It’s all quite complex to introduce people to Crypto but one of the easiest I find to use is Presearch, a Decentralized search platform. Before we go on I must say that I have no affiliation with Presearch, I am just willing to share information to get new users using it, instead of say google search engines and others that are storing your unknown precious data.


Above is a screen shot of my account, Ive been using it for around 7 weeks and I have already a fair few tokens for someone who is only online for 1 hour average a day.

You can see the search engines it uses below the search bar, and there are quite a few. It started just December 2017 and has had a big impact on the future of search engines. Google has the plan to end up as an ‘Answer Engine’ (which is already happening) where the user will only ever receive one answer for a question, which is unknowingly happening at the moment and will be much more devastating in centralizing History and Knowledge from the humans race.

Imagine that you type a question in Google search and then just ONE search result popped up!

How does it work?

Its so easy to use and even just from seeing the screenshot for the first time ever, one can see how it works from its simplicity. Each time you search something, a small coin will flip up from the search icon, and you receive automatically 0.25 PRE in your wallet which is built into your account. Not bad huh? The site is decentralized which means it is in nobody’s interest to be storing your searches and data which unknown to most, is a precaution we should all be taking to avoid possible trouble in the near future, and to stop the advertising company’s using our interests to push more adverts on our screens, causing even more unnecessary consuming.





The Wallet / Rewards Account

If you click on your token balance you will get taken to your wallet which is called the Rewards Account. There is a Proof Of Activity history list that actually hides your search results, keeping it stored nowhere and keeping your data safe as seen here..



The [PRE] Token.

On world rankings and at the time of writing this article, PRE is worth 0.08 cents – which means your getting 2 cents worth for each search you do, instead of supporting centralized search engines. In most country’s its not worth much, but in some poor parts of the world its the equivalent to a piece of fresh bread. It is ranked at 290 and has a total token supply of 100,000,000.

There is a slight draw back with withdrawing your funds. You can only withdraw once you have 1000 tokens, which means 4000 searches. This helps to cut out spam accounts, because everyone can stay completely Anon in the sign up process.

Presearch started in December 2017 and from reading the whitepaper, its clear they are out to cripple Google, which is nothing but great! They really are existing to bring a better internet for people to use,which makes Presearch a very valuable tool for the crypto community.



You can set up Presearch to become your standard search platform by creating a bookmark for it and setting it as your startup page. Also for using on mobile phones, you can create a shortcut to the home page, and then have an app icon on you phones interface like I have done here Below..


My Conclusion of Presearch

Its one of those that you’d most likely forget to use,but its quite easy to convert over to once you have an app icon to click and it is set up on your main computer. Before you know it you will have a fair few tokens!

I find it great that anyone can earn something, and from just doing something that they do anyway daily.

My next article will introduce another Decentralized tool that endangers the power of Google – where users get paid in tokens for movement! Can it be the FitBit killer? In the last article I gave an introduction to Bit.Tube, another way to earn a quite promising Crypto for watching vids on Youtube.

Until then..                              Long Live Blockchain and as usual, 

Big Love and Abundance @movingman

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