Presearch is nothing else that a simple toolbar, its peculiarity is that it pay you his registered users for its use. Each search will be paid with 0.25 cents of PRE (the Presearch token) already listed on some Exchange like HitBTC, YoBit and CoinExchange.

For each user it will not be possible to earn more than 8 PRE per day and it will be possible to make cashout only once 1000 tokens have been reached. An intelligent way not to facilitate whales, which if they intend to invest seriously on this project will have to do it on the Exchange.

Normally you start from zero tokens, but with the use of a referral code you will start with 25 PRE in your wallet, it will take a few months to reach the fateful 1000 tokens even managing to earn 8 a day, moreover it is so simple and looks like a win win option.

A very interesting project, from the point of view of idealization and investment since the Total Supply of the token is 170,000,000, so not very high, with this I do not want to give you any financial advice or anything, because this currency is really simple to get it, just set as your browser’s main page on your computer or add it to the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and you’re done. This is personal advice because I use this way and like that I don’t forgot about it and I get to earn 8 tokens almost every day.

A real revolution is under way, the times when in order to make the most of your time you have to pay, now instead, a new movement is emerging where we are paid for every action on the platforms and on various websites that we are doing, as in the case of Presearch, which is a very good alternative to the classic toolbar.


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  1. ubisearchtry

    Thanks for the writeup!
    I just checked out the white paper.
    The concept is interesting, but I had to dig through a lot of pages to find out what kind of block chain it is. They really try to hide it.

    In short: it is an Ethereum based token, which they themselves state is prohibitive to have any kind of meaningful transfer system due to gas cost. And that they might build their own block chain one day.

    So I think it would be nice if they would state it a bit more clearly, and since they don’t, I think it can possibly take a very long time until the tokens can be meaningfully changed into something of value.

    So I have a feeling that someone will copy this idea, make an EOS-based token or something else with no fees and make it happen before this project really takes off.