Funny how sometimes we rehearse for months or even years just for a performance of 5 minutes

That 5 minutes can be just the most important part of one’s life that launches the individual into stardom and new life of happiness.

As a singer, I have wondered why we do long drills and have long notes to score and do all sort just to do a 2 minutes presentation, sometimes you don’t even get the chance to perform anymore as planned.

The answers were not far fetched.

Every time we rehearse, it brings us closer to our performance in terms of competence. Meaning, we learn per time, every time we put an effort to practice.

Practice they say, makes perfect. The truth remains that perfection is the goal and so, perfection needs all the effort invested in the place of rehearsing.

The world really do not know how many hours you have rehearsed, all they came to watch or see is the 2 minutes of presentation or performance. Unfair reality?

Who is to blame?

Should the people have watched all the rehearsal time, there won’t be any excitement or celebration watching the performance.

My point:

Capacity building is not in a market place but in your own space, where you are the only one who can truly assess yourself and realise the steps needed to make necessary adjustments for the big day.

Life is not fair and so is the 2 minutes that judges your years of investment. So, do it well, since it’s worth doing.

People will only appreciate a mastered craft and not a jack of all trades who masters none.

While learning in your small cubicle, please pad your performance with the required confidence to face the judges (your audience). It is one thing to be competent, it is another to the confident.

Anyone is permitted to goof in a performance, but part of what alot of people have also learnt overtime is to handle goofing professionally. I have seen singers who after months of practicing still sing off notes,but they did amazing riffs to cover up their mistakes. I’m not saying every crime is forgivable during a performance, I’m only saying that in the process of learning perfection on a skill, learn the mistakes so it can be avoided and in the case where it happens, so it doesn’t deter you from carrying on, learn how to handle it.

Keep at it……

No rehearsal is wasted. That 2 minutes might be the game changer for you. Keep at it till you are good to go.

Thanks for reading.

Original article written by me can be found HERE


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