Hello again good trybians!!

It’s good to finally have the community back and glad that we are up and running again.

Earlier I wrote a couple of posts on the Pra Candy Box application ( https://trybe.one/prochain-snapshot-airdrop/)(https://trybe.one/prabox-2-in-1-candy-app/) and thought it would be a good idea to offer an update.

I have successfully deposited my first EPRA airdrop into the application and this sped things up a bit and gave a bit of leeway; giving me less time to wait between claims.  Although I went the airdrop route on this, I’m aware that some missed it.  That said, it is possible to purchase EPRA on the decentralized exchanges to speed things up (although not necessary).

I still do use the candy app that I posted about in the second article to collect candies (about every 3 hours you can collect).  At present you can get a choice of ADD, ATD, BT, OCT, TKC, and EPRA.  If you preference is for an all in one app on your phone then this is a good route to go.

However, another option has been opened up as well.  For this one, you simply need to log in with scatter and then claim the candy.  It’s actually really simple, and with this one, because it is a scatter identity log in, it does not restrict you to one account.  I have a couple of test accounts that I use for testing out apps, and now with scatter I am able to claim from both of these accounts.

Full disclosure, it took me a while to get the hang of it, as it can be a bit buggy at times.

That said, it really is quite simple.  Log in with scatter, click on the candy of your choice (uncollected), and authorize.  Sometimes another pop up window will present itself with a human check task (usually a puzzle piece – and sometimes have to give it multiple tries), but all in all, its pretty easy and straight forward.  Bear in mind it is Chinese company, and very rarely (even though the setting can be changed to English at the top left of the screen), a numerical alphabetical shape human test will present itself.  Honestly though, if you have google translate on your phone and use the Chinese package with camera it will give you a pretty good idea of what you need to do to pass the test.  If all else fails, just refresh the image until you can get the gist of the translation.

For those that want to give the scatter version a try, just follow this link ( https://chain.pro ) to the main site and then click on the PRA Candy box link.  That should take you to a page where a scatter prompt will open (and you can find the translation in top left corner).

It’s not a lot of candy, but if you collect a couple times a day, it does tend to add up over time.  For those interested in the smart phone app, please do check out my previous post on the subject (although maybe a bit outdated now that they have updated their game with the scatter website version).

Anyway, I hope at least some of you found this somewhat useful and will give it a try to get some free candy !!

Until that time again then, enjoy & happy crypto all!!

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      1. James Diegel Post author

        Glad you finally got in (and my apologies for the late response;(

        Hopefully the app keeps on adding new coins and the accumulation continues to be simple and someday worth the small amount of time spent;)

        1. Ashutosh Nirvadyaachari

          It’s okay, I didn’t know that a smartphone will be needed to download it. But when I visited the website, it asked me to download it on a phone. So I used an Android emulator to install it.

          I only claimed a couple of coins after installation and staked them all. But since this emulator consumes too much of my RAM, I don’t use it to claim coins every 3 hours. I was just doing it for testing and fun.

          Thank you for your reply!

    1. James Diegel Post author

      I mostly use it in Chrome – so use the built in translation… it can be a bit stressful at times I agree 😉

      I too use the More In One app, and think its a pretty good as well. Thanks for the comment BitcoinQuest.

      1. James Diegel Post author

        Unfortunately it seems like the more app is only available on smartphone or tablet at this time. If it is available on a computer that would be great – but I have only ever seen the more one app on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.)

        1. James Diegel Post author

          I have yet to try the desktop scatter… unfortunately I have no work around for that…

          That said, if you are using a smart phone you could use the version I first posted about ( If memory serves it may pop up in Chinese. The easiest work around for this is to use a secondary device and download the Google Translate Chinese camera pack… that should make it clear enough to figure out the setup instructions and get the gist of what is going on enough to be able to collect every 3 or so hours with the attached account on your device;)

              1. James Diegel Post author

                I believe so, yes. However, if you have banked EPRA they will give you a level from 1-12, and the higher the level, the less time needed to claim again and the accumulation of claims will increase. For example, at level 3 you can claim about every hour, and the app, it seems, will hold up to 2 claims in reserve;)