I really want to share a Medical Science endeavour on the EOS blockchain. Did you know your DNA is prized information and is now being competitively sought after by unethical ‘Big-Pharma’ and research companies? I’ve written this article to share this information across all my social networks and cited all information I refer to. I’ll cut straight to the chase to give the key information to share and links to further info for a deeper understanding and how to set up your own DNA crypto earning system on eDNA.

  • I have set up my own account and reserved places for 4 other family members for the future
  • I’ve reserved these places by sending one eDNA token as a placeholder to the EOS blockchain database.
  • My family and myself can earn income from any future developments that use our DNA sequencing (its completely anonymous and managed by the EOSIO software smart-contracts)
  • example: our group DNA is used to identify and develop a cure for cancer based on DNA CRISPR technology; this is recorded; any future earnings from this research or adoption is paid to those who contributed, automatically.

Your DNA is yours!

You can encrypt your DNA on the EOS blockchain. The software ‘tumbles’ this data with a minimum of 5000 other people. Then you earn eDNA tokens by:

  1. staking eDNA’s (similar to what we do when we stake EOS, KARMA or any other EOS or ETH based token)
  2. letting researchers access your DNA code through a smart-contract based on EOSIO that is anonymous and encrypted.

EDNA is a Blockchain-based Distributed Autonomous Community Working to Insure Genetic Privacy and DNA Property Rights.
The ultimate aim of EDNA is to end human suffering caused by genetic disease, enhance longevity and to insure the genetic information is controlled by the people who that information impacts. [https://edna.life/]

The cat is out of the bag

Your DNA sequence is very special and is highly sought after. There are currently a number of unethical corporations and Big-Pharma, that we all have heard of on television commercials, that get hold of your DNA code with your permission when you sign up! – But any earnings from research doesn’t come back to you. These unethical companies are coming under regulation and legal challenges for using people’s DNA sequence for research they do not know about and did not give explicit permission to do so. Some of these companies offer an ancestry service of your DNA as an enticement to gain access to your DNA sequence – and they get you to pay for it! Little is it known that after you sign on, your DNA code becomes the property of these companies to then go ahead and use your DNA sequence in subsequent, further research. Again, read the small print. Any grants and income generated then goes into the pockets of these companies. And it is Big Business!!!…. Imagine: new pharmaceutical drugs; a cure for cancer; Aids, deformities; and all manner of illnesses and diseases that plague humanity. These genes could be isolated and changed by DNA manipulation and CRISPR technology (see final link below for more info on CRISPR). Once the human genome is entirely mapped (not long now) and the race begins to identify what each unique strand does, it won’t be long before we, as a species, can directly change these codes to get what is desired – Both the good and the bad of human consciousness, I’m afraid. It can’t be stopped. The cat is out of the bag. The Horse has already bolted.

Beware the ‘bad actors’ of DNA research

As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the sons of man. [Matthew 24:37-39]

This nefarious aspect of the human condition will no doubt happen as DNA sequencing and mapping reaches completion – there’s always going to be those bad actors we share this world with who will develop DNA technology for designer babies and other desirable attributes to gain advantage, such as: longevity; intelligence; Resilience; Strength – these are not the realms of Science Fiction!

“But it need not be like this! We can also 100% own and control our DNA data using the eDNA DAC and decide who gets to ethically use it!”

This is where eDNA steps in and gives complete control and ownership of your DNA sequence to you and encrypts this information on the EOS blockchain. Researchers pay, or agree to pay in future earnings from research, to get legitimate and ethical access to your DNA information – it’s similar-like, to how you own your own Trybe account and get rewarded by the community – and only you can get it automatically as it is processed by the Trybe software and sent to the EOS Blockchain. You own the private keys to unlock your own DNA sequence and you can give permission to the researchers whom you deem has a project worthy of releasing your data to. Because of the smart contract, any research that generates income or goes onto further development that earns (big) in pharmacology and DNA technology, will ensure you get paid as well. And it is going to be a huge business!

Research studies using DNA all require access to a large pool of DNA data. This is to gain valid and recognised results. The more DNA sequences accessed, the more definitive and scientifically rigorous the data obtained. Big Statistical Data Analysis! Oh, And I should also mention that DNA is Binary encoded! That means it is a matter for computers and mass computation to unlock its secrets – through the tedious and mind-numbing process of ‘mapping’ DNA sequences. That’s what computer processors are built for. Let AI and Robots perform these calculations methodically, efficiently and super-fast. If you haven’t heard of the ‘Boid’ Super Social computer project yet, then you have some light researching to do. 🙂 I think this may be another post topic: Biology is Binary at the molecular DNA level. And so are engineered man-made computers. Hmmmmm….is this by design? I digress.

I tell my friends and family: “Don’t give away your DNA sequence rights just to find out if your distant ancestral line was a neanderthal or related to Genghis Khan!”

Ancestry type DNA services are an insidious scheme that leaves you with no control on how your DNA is used after the first event nor for any future earning potential for your very own DNA. Because, you sign over the rights to the ancestry companies for-ever.

What you need to get started:

  1. An EOS account
  2. Buy eDNA tokens: [Newdex] [Dexeos] [BigOne]
  3. Reserve your place for DNA Sequence Registration
  4. You can stake eDNA tokens in the interim until the eDNA DAC is initialised (scheduled for end of the year). Greg and the team at eDNA are giving BIG incentives for staking rewards to early users and DAC members – weekly, monthly and quarterly. I chose quarterly, for an average of 6% ROI.

In my opinion, this is one EOS DAC that is worthy of my attention and sharing. It is not hard to get set up. I am not giving financial advice. Please use your own discernment. Facts, figures and DAC community proposals can be found at:

The official eDNA website https://edna.life/

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome, @globalgreg [Also posted under my other social media named accounts @scorpinz]

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    1. globalgreg Post author

      I agree! The cat’s out of the bag now. Like putting toothpaste back in the tube – it’s just not going to happen. I think those in the know, have already advance much further in less ethical research laboratories and Nations in this world. I’m all for responsible regulation of this technology – otherwise, people who can afford the treatments, will advance further and become elite over those who can’t. Two civilisations. Very Orwellian.

      1. globalgreg Post author

        For ‘the good fight’ side: There is the very real advancement for finally achieving a comprehensive cure for deadly and terrible illnesses – such as Cancer. CRISPR tech allows the insertion of corrected DNA coding into a living person and physically changing their genetics right there and then. So If Cancer cells can be identified, then the genes that cause the tumorous growth can be isolated, and then a person can have this ‘upgrade’ to their genetics and never get that cancer. This is real, now.

    1. globalgreg Post author

      Yes – I believe so too. Using EOSIO based dApp and DAC to manage a community of DNA codes for research purposes is a real world use case. So that pricked my ears up from the beginning as something worthy to invest in. Given the advancement in CRISPR tech and the recent babies that are HIV immune, we could see a race in the near future to ‘unlock’ the genome record and build out up and out, the knoeldge to end human disease and suffering! Things are moving fast.